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Keeping Your Workspace Safe with Facilities Management Best Practices

The first priority in the management system should always be given to safety management. The safety provided by the company keeps the employees calm and relaxed. This helps them to focus on their work and the productivity of the company. You can always plan a good safety system for your office whether it is small or large. There has to be a team of dedicated people to manage the safety and security department. It is essential to keep your workspace safe with facilities management. Use the old and new best practices to safeguard your office.

Here are a few important things to remember for keeping your workspace safe with facilities management best practices:

Emergency service telephone

Communication is a need in the workspace. To co-ordinate, to negotiate, to work faster and better, finally, even for safety, communication is essential. So, it is a must-have emergency service telephone at the workplace. If you have multiple floors at your office, then let each floor have an emergency service telephone. If you can afford to have a large group of dedicated employees working for officer safety, then have them on each floor. These telephones help you to reach for each other during danger times. The emergency service telephones have to be maintained well. They have to services at regular intervals of time. This will help you to keep the safety of the office updated.

Siren warning system

In the safety management system siren is most important. Sirens consist of sensors which sense anything abnormal and sirens out. This will help employees as well as in charge people get alert. They can either move out of the situation or security management can rush in. The maintenance of the siren warning system is essential. They have o checked at the regular time period. One good system is enough for any kind of office campus. If you feel like having double surety on the safety of the office, you can have multiple sirens.

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a mandatory safety device needed in commercial places. When there is a sudden untoward fire accident that has occurred, the employees and workers need not wait for management officials to arrive. A fire extinguisher can be used by minimum educated people. There are some rules and conditions that have to be followed to have a fire extinguisher in office. There are some hi-fi companies which have extinguishers for each floor of the office. If you cannot afford it, you can place one extinguisher between two floors. It wouldn’t be too far for people to reach during emergency times. According to your budget, you can plan the number of fire extinguishers for your office and their placement.

Fire and water resistant decors

The decors are one of the important parts of the commercial places. It decides the work culture of the company. This motivates the management to install many interior and exterior decors inside and outside the office. There are many decors available in the design industry which are particularly made for commercial spaces like an office. Bring those types of decors to the workspace to have a safe and beautiful ambiance.

There are some interior and exterior artificial trees available in the market. They are manufactured in various types and sizes. The artificial trees are also made a fire and water-resistant for safety purposes. Bring in fire retardant plants. There are numerous benefits in using artificial plants and trees over natural trees. The least maintenance and cost-effectiveness of these decors make them everybody’s favorite.

Silk trees are one among the many trending decors for commercial places. They are mostly made of silk material. The quality of the silk depends on the design and the purpose. They can even be customized according to your office purpose. They look natural and are fire-resistant in nature. This makes them safe for decoration. Even during untoward incidents, the damage done to the decors is less.

If you do not prefer decorating on the floor of the office and wish to use walls and ceiling, even then there are heat-resistant decors. Instead of wood or low-quality plastic decors, bring in fake tree truck decors or artificial trees. You can also create a beautiful and lush artificial green wall. They also consist of fake tree trunk materials to make it look realistic. So, without any second thought use artificial trees for keeping your workspace safe.

Medical emergency center or room

Along with fire or electrical accidents, there might be health emergencies too. They also come under safety and facilities management. It is always good to have a lot of room in the company for medical emergencies. These days, men and women, both work in all fields. So, it is the company’s responsibility to provide the minimum facilities to the employees and workers. If it is possible for you to spend more on it, hire a nurse for treating sick members of the company. This will build confidence among your employees and workers of your company.

Ventilation systems

The ventilation systems of the company have to be planned well during the construction itself. If you are buying a campus make sure to check with the ventilation system of the office campus. The flow of heavy and light air is essential for employees to work long hours. If that is not proper then they might have issues with their health which is not good in any way. So, have a thorough check on the ventilation of the office buildings.

Universal waste procedures

The wastes of the office have to be discarded in a particular way. The discarding of commercial and hazardous wastes created by the companies is done according to the rules. There are rules in the industries and in the government to safely dispose of them. This is also one of the ways to keep your workspace safe.