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The Nine Retail Store Decor Trends Ready to Sizzle Throughout 2019

‘First impression is the last impression’, they say. No matter what business it is, pulling off footfall is one of the major tasks for retailers. We list so many things to make our products better. However, not many understand the concept of sharpening the looks of the stores where you sell them. Here are some decor ideas to make your store look stylish and contemporary which might boost the business-

1. Themes for interiors:

Décor themes play a vital role in captivating a customer’s attention. A store’s theme ties strongly to its product niche. For instance, visiting a store for female-focused products can be pink and bubbly whereas a store for males would look great washed in shades of blue. Restaurants or shops looking to create a nature-inspired theme could easily use artificial greenery, and cafes looking to set up a marine theme could use miniatures like boats and anchors.

2. Fancy LED lights:

The brightness of your store’s area helps the customer build a positive impression of the quality of the products. However, lights are not only meant for brightening the place; they are also used for decorating the store. You can use a variety of lights like chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces and spotlight to glorify and deck up the retail stores. LED light strips running along the corners or bottom of counters can make the store look flashy, and draw attention to the products you wish to promote.

3. Using quirky frames with quotes, pictures, and art:

Impressive quotes and phrases are all around you, starting from books, articles, restaurants, shops, museums to display boards. Put up frames of quotes or pictures relevant to the theme of your store which will make its aura more impressive than ever. You can also use painted canvas with bold frames in the form of abstract art. Highlighted walls with such frames can enhance the beauty and bring walls to life!

4. Use of artificial plants:

Artificial plants are often used to enhance the interiors of the house and the ambiance of the store. There are varieties of artificial plants that can be used to do the same. Split-leaf Philodendron is perfect to make the décor of the store sizzle. Another interesting option is to use Silver Manzanita branches which appear like a shredded shrubs and look very fancy because of their shiny silver color.

The Indoor Jasmine plant is an evergreen alternative as it has alluring white flowers which would go with any color theme. You can also use artistic tall planters to display these plastic fake plants. Tall planters are made in different shapes and sizes with variant colors. They glam the store and give it a vibrant look.

5. Wall pieces:

Hanging wall pieces are in vogue in the designing and décor world. Coupling with the theme, wall ornaments are available in the market which emphasizes the adornment of the store. For instance, an ice cream parlor could use small cup ice cream-shaped wall pieces highlighting a particular wall. Also, wall-mounted deer heads could be coordinated with raw brickwork to create an ambiance of casual décor.

6. Full-length mirrors:

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?” a metaphoric feeling anyone would get while gazing at the mirror. Putting full-length mirrors in the store can be real attention-seeking method to enhance the glamor of the interiors. Be it a restaurant, a store of clothes, or cosmetics, mirrors are always appreciated. They make the area look bigger and fuller which helps to whirl the creativity wheel.

7. Wall highlighters:

Wall highlighters can be of different categories like ceramic, glass, and vitrified tiles. You can do it via painting and carving designs on one out of the four walls so that it stands out from the rest. In a sports shop, a wall can be highlighted by covering it with artificial grass. It would seem like a soccer field. Similarly, a pet shop can have dogs and cats painted on the walls with contrast colors, walls can be painted with a different pattern of designs to make it look appealing. If the paint is not your thing, then one of the walls can be left uncovered showing off the trendy look of the raw bricks.

8. Playing with counters:

Counters and tables are required in almost every retail store irrespective of what the store sells. Innovative counters are made for stores and restaurants keeping their theme in mind. Who had ever thought that bar counters could be made in the shape of a car? Yes, that’s true! Tables with artistic moldings and curvy structures are made to decorate the place.

9. Voguish furniture:

So, furniture as a whole might sound quite vague to describe the décor of a place. Furniture includes sofas, chairs, side tables and many more other products that make your house/store look fulfilling. But since we are discussing the ways to décor a retail store, we’ll stick to stores.

Starting with chairs, they turn out to be very helpful in malls and apparel retail stores. People generally get tired of shopping and seek for a place to rest their legs. Stylish chairs will not just help the customers to enjoy comfort in shopping but also make the store look classy. There are various types of chairs that can be used such as curvilinear, pierced, trestle and arabesque. Apart from the chairs, you can also use side tables to keep decorative items as tall planters which are mentioned above. Side tables could be of glass, wood, steel, etc.