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Top 8 Reasons to Try Artificial Colorado Spruces for Your Office Landscape This Year

Deciding what to use in upgrading a commercial space is tricky, and it makes decorating your office a daunting task sometimes. The overall ambiance of any commercial indoor or outdoor is the result of the defining decoration used to organize the same. For ages, the greeneries are known to be the most useful thing for energizing and elevating the moods of the people. People always feel relaxed and comfortable in lush green surroundings, and including greens is an excellent idea for revamping the office spaces. Decorating the commercial exteriors and interiors with live trees and plants may not be practicable for areas that suffer from sunlight, water, nutrients, and caring hands. Fake greens offer the most realistic alternative solution to this problem.

While decorating the offices, it is not necessary to create an urban jungle. On the contrary, a minimalist approach can uplift the ambiance of the place with a zen feeling. Among all the ways of landscaping offices for making those simple yet stylish, embracing the professional sites with artificial colorado spruce trees and plants is the most effective for their ability to add a touch of freshness to the commercial settings. Mimicking the live colorado spruce varieties, these deliver a stunningly gorgeous surrounding in the office outdoors and indoors.

While these are the most favorite to the office owners, landscapers, architects, and designs for many reasons, here are eight of those to justify the use of these fake botanical items for rejuvenating your office this year.

1. Available in Many Varieties

When you wish to make any commercial space like a piece of paradise on the earth, the artificial Colorado Spruce trees can deliver you the desired landscape. Available in heights varying from 4 ft to 24 ft, these single-stem fake coniferous trees with horizontal branches and lush green Colorado Spruce foliage can turn any office indoor and outdoor into a mesmerizing one. You can also use the fake Colorado Spruce plants in size of 15 inches as a ground cover decoration or for beautifying the indoors of different types of commercial settings. The artificial Colorado Spruce trees with snow can be used to create a cold theme in the hangouts. Moreover, these can also be customized to meet any specific landscaping requirement.

2. Suit All Commercial Spaces

The realistic-looking artificial Colorado Spruces manufactured by Commercial Silk Intel are high for all commercial indoors and outdoors. No matter, if it is a big corporate house, luxury hotel, top-class restaurant, big government or municipal building, hospitals & healthcare facilities, exotic bars & casinos, these can fit all such locations. Even, if you are looking to uplift any amusement park, water park, theme park, exhibition hall, shopping mall, art gallery, top-notch resorts or any other commercial space, these can make the places appealing and attractive to the people.

3. You Can Get Beauty at Its Best

Commercial Silk has a team of expert professionals that includes botanists, engineers, designers, landscapers. The indoor spruce trees are made from high-quality raw materials and are crafted meticulously to replicate the live Colorado spruce in all respects allowing you to have a piece of mountain ambiance in your urban office settings. Following their live cousins, these fake Colorado spruces come in conical shapes with dense leaves that are symmetrically arranged to deliver an authentic look. Their life-like appearance is sure to deceive the most experienced eyes to feel their difference from the real ones.

4. These Are Extremely Durable

When going faux, one has to look for top-shelf durable products. The long-lasting properties of the artificial Colorado Spruces from Commercial Silk make them ideal for landscaping commercial indoors and outdoors. As these are made from prime quality plastic material and color pigments, these become UV tolerant and never fade. These can retain their beauty and freshness in all climatic conditions. Remaining unchanged even in harsh weather, they deliver you the best eye-catching decoration for your commercial settings.

5. These Make the Place Safe

The artificial Colorado Spruces are made using plastic foliage and color pigments. There have been many cases, previously, when these landscaping elements were found to be responsible for the spread of fire. Use of ThermaLeaf® grade foliage makes these products self-extinguishing, and thus, one can get adequate time to respond in case of any unfavorable breakout of fire. These replicated Colorado trees conform to the requirements of the relevant specifications and also to the state fire regulations assuring you absolute peace of mind.

6. These Are Great for Formal and Festive Landscaping

The charm of the artificial Colorado Spruces can never be overlooked. In view of their single stem and dense foliage, these are great for upgrading any corporate setting and can also be used for festive occasions. These can also be used for Christmas decoration and including these in the commercial outdoors and indoors help to make the space elegant throughout the year.

7. Maintenance Is Also Easy and Inexpensive

Unlike the live Colorado trees, the faux Spruce tree demands no serious caring. You need not water them, apply nutrients, or do any such thing. All you need to do is to clean them regularly for maintaining their lush green appearance. Coming in standard bases, these are highly portable, and you can quickly shift them from one place to another for making periodic changes in your landscape design. Apart from this, you are also relieved from the pain of clearing mess created by the leaves shed. Thus, you save on costs as well.

8. Creates No Health Hazard

As no organic product is involved in the manufacturing of artificial Colorado Spruces, these never attract any pests. As such, the commercial setting remains free from insects, and there is no worry that your customers, clients, and guests will suffer from insect attacks while you spiral the beauty of your corporate landscape to a new level.