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Your Complete Guide to Buying Outdoor Artificial Plants and trees

Artificial plants and trees are quite a trend nowadays. They are sturdy and easy to maintain, come in various shapes and kinds, do not fade away quickly, and can withstand the harsh outdoor weather. Wow; that’s an irresistible deal. What’s more, they are UV-protected and heat and water-resistant. They do not need high maintenance and add up to the aesthetic value of your lawn, portico or outdoor space.

So, now that you are interested let’s tell you how to buy artificial plants for outdoors? Here is a complete guide on hiring the best artificial plants and trees for your outdoor space.

Proper planning of your landscape

Before you buy the fake plants for your outdoors, have a complete idea about the landscape of your outdoor lawn. Measure the space and scale the dimension and draw out a rough sketch of the lawn.

This will help you foresee where to put your artificial plants and plan accordingly. Even if you have a small yard, sketch out a proper plan.

Location the area of placement

After you have drawn a rough sketch of the lawn, it is now time to locate the areas where you want to place your outdoor plants and trees. First, outline the focal points where you want to keep the plants. It can be the entrance, beside the pool or the main lounge area.

For the wall beside the lounge area, an artificial azalea green wall mat will be perfect. It comes in various dimensions and colors. It looks dense, and the permanently manicured foliage does not need much care.

It breaks the monotony and adds character to the walls. It is perfect for amusement parks, corporate offices, casinos, exhibitions, and restaurant décor.

The Budget

Budget is the most essential part of any planning. You do not want to buy cheap because it won’t even last a season. Work out the budget depending on the size of your outdoor space and your requirements. Always remember that they are a permanent fixture to your space and has aesthetic value to it. So, spend wisely.

The entrance area

The entrance area should be welcoming and exciting to your customers. The artificial Podocarpus cube topiary plants are visually appealing. You can place them on both sides of the entrance. They are artful and different.

Lush, dense hedge topiary foliage looks natural, and they are perfect for your commercial space. They complement every setting like hospitality, government offices, or parks.

The boxwood topiary balls come in pots, and they do not take much space. They add elegance and grace to the landscape.

Flower boxes for the windows

Artificial faux flower arrangements can brighten up the summer mornings. They can be placed on the window boxes. They bring vibrancy and new energy to the room. Hanging faux artificial flower vines underneath the window boxes gives an impression of climbing vines.

Decorate the walkways

For the sideways put some mini potted fake green grass. They are versatile and can fit any space. You can put them on window tops or sideways and even indoors. They have a sturdy base and look like live plants.

Artificial pot base bamboo plant trees look convincingly natural. They are the replica of real bamboo plants and can be placed in the corners of the walkways or along the sideways. They are long-lasting and adds a lot of charm to space.

The tropical effect

Make the summers vibrant by giving a tropical look to your outdoors. Artificial banana palm trees come in pot arrangements. They are lifelike and perfect for your outdoor space. There are also multi-sized potted banana silk trees. The leaves come in a variety of green hues. They are ideal for the poolside locations or beside the spa. They are hardy and do not react to chemicals of the pool areas.

Plastic plants are better than fabric plants

Plastic plants have a more realistic texture and quality than fabric plants. The color and ultra-sheen texture have reflective properties. They are created by using the molds of real plants, so they look almost lifelike.

Some plastic plants are filled with foam to give a more realistic look to the leaves.

The fabric plants are more susceptible to wear and tear. They need to be rinsed with water periodically. They lose shine over time and collect dirt as well. They are not UV protected and fade away if kept under direct sunlight.

Plastic plants are easy to maintain. They are water and heat resistant and can be kept outdoors as well.

Buy natural looking plants

Do not buy extremely glossy plants. They lack natural texture and look gimmicky. Plants with fake rain droplets are a strict no-no. They are too tacky and is crying out for attention. While shopping, compare the counterfeit plants with pictures of real plants. That will help you to figure out which one looks more real.

Buy low maintenance plants

Ask the shopkeeper about the maintenance routine of these plants. They are to be kept outdoors. So, it is impossible to clean them regularly. A low-maintenance cleaning routine will save cost and time. Rugged look and a little bit of dirt on the plant leaves look real and lifelike.

Good quality artificial plants

Good quality artificial plants can last ages. As you are buying for commercial purposes, make it a one-time investment and see that it lasts for a couple of years.

Look out for online stores and retailers and check out the customer reviews of their products. It is best to buy the best quality products as it will last longer and will save your budget in the long run.


Real plants and flowers look beautiful and fresh, but they need a lot of attention and love. In this increasing pace of modern life, time is limited. Artificial plants and trees save that effort, and we do not have to trim and replenish them with water regularly. They not only look vibrant but also keeps us connected to nature.