The ESG Parkway Place project was the creation of a low maintenance uniquely-shaped green wall in the lobby of the client’s upscale apartment building. They wanted a low-maintenance green wall featuring dry prairie foliage; The final result was a gorgeous art piece that perfectly fit the lobby wall. .
Project Timeline
  • Design
    4 Weeks
  • Production
    12 Weeks
Software Used
  • Conceptual
    Adobe Cloud
  • Schematic
    Rhino3D | Enscape
  • Construction Docs

Client’s Vision

The client had an inspiration visual with local regional prairie foliage. They wanted it as the central focus of the space. Classified as an art object, this opened the options of diversity in replica greenery to deliver an original piece that would fit the texture, density, and character of the art piece.

Design Intent

The intention around this design was for a green wall featuring dry prairie foliage. The plants chosen were mostly grasses in order to achieve the desired prairie look. The client also wanted the wall in the lobby of their apartment, making this a large-scale project.

In order to achieve the client’s vision in shape and visual expression, multiple prototype bundles of plants and grasses configurations were assembled for his review and approval. More than 150 bundles of plants were assembled. The wall mainly consisted of various grasses to maintain the dry look with a stunning color palette.



The participation of the client as Art director was vital to achieve the outcome; Multiple reviews and visits to the shop were needed in order to accept the final prototype before installation. Eventually, the final sign off was approved and installation began. As the space was already completed and occupied, there were multiple challenges with installation, such as tenants in the building. There were also light fixtures, floor finishes and furniture that needed to be protected. Our capacity to work in such site conditions allowed the project to be displayed perfectly with no additional adaptations needed.




The design-build model of work, the prototype build configuration and the client’s art direction, allowed for a smooth, safe installation process that got the project finished efficiently.

The final result was a flawless installation and gorgeous green wall that matched the client’s vision he was looking for. The wall looked phenomenal and showed off that prairie look needed to articulate the client’s storyboard, art configuration and regional plant selection.

Client Testimonial

The idea was percolating for some time but it took awhile to find the right team – an enthusiastic team that was willing to try something new! It took a lot of back-and-forth but Plantscape worked hard to get this right, sourcing these materials during the pandemic had to have been a huge challenge but they made it seem effortless. They were overly communicative and allowed me to be as involved as I wanted to be throughout the process. Our client is over-the-moon and I couldn’t be happier.

Sarah Tracey, CID, IIDA, Senior Interior Designer, Associate

ESG | Architecture & Design

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