Moss Wall Art


Preserved moss is one of the most versatile design materials for creating custom expressions and wall art. As one of the fastest growing trends in biophilic design, moss art is being installed in corporate offices and vacation resorts alike all across the globe. Preserved moss lets you depict images and portraits with fine detail, or represent your logo and branding in a huge new way, always putting your green values at the forefront.


Composing art with preserved moss is a limitless process, where pieces of real natural moss as small as one inch can be used to create depictive art or abstract expressions. This amount of artistic freedom is much like painting, where any gesture can be accomplished using a wide range of dye colors.

Preserved Moss art can be installed on-site, or pre-fabricated on large panel sections for faster installation.

colored preserved moss


Preserved moss can be dyed using a variety of vibrant colors, including natural-looking shades of green and yellow, ranging to otherworldly pinks and blues. Moss color holds extremely well, and often maintains brilliant color through the entire life of the product.

Having access to a full spectrum of dyed moss colors opens up your ability to design, widening your palette so that practically any depiction is within your reach.

custom preserved moss wall art


Preserved reindeer moss has truly endless applications due to its highly customizable nature. To get the best from preserved moss, allow us to design a custom project suited to your brand and your aesthetic. 

From lettering to logos to a sprawling moss mural portraying your entire leadership team, making it a reality is a click away.

textured moss art


Moss walls engage people in a way that simple painting and printing never can – apart from having real depth as 3D wall art, moss also communicates a powerful sense of texture. Subtle pillowed clouds of preserved moss interact with lighting in a dynamic way, defining cohesive micro- and macro-gestures across the wall art. 

Preserved moss art pairs incredibly well with warm wood tones, creating a profound contrast that all calls back to nature and the natural connection – both building toward a more soothing biophilic environment.


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