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12 Faux Trees Ideal For Indoors

Former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama. Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe. Celebrity florist Philippa Craddock – all are fans of faux trees. And for the right reasons. 

Faux trees add a touch of greenery without the hassles of maintaining the same. The trees attract more customers by creating a calm and eye-soothing environment.

If you’re searching for the ideal faux trees for indoors, here are the 12 best faux trees for you. 

12 faux trees ideal for indoors

1. Ficus Benjamina

The focal point of the Ficus Benjamina — also known as Weeping Fig — is the narrow, dense, and glossy dark leaves and arching slender branches. The tree is native to Australia and Asia.

Ficus Benjamina is toxic to humans and animals. However, the faux ficus tree solves the issue.  

The artificial Ficus Benjamina tree adds a unique accent to workspaces. The live tree needs rich and fast-draining potting soil. However, you won’t have the issue with our cheap artificial trees.

2. Sugar Maple

The national tree of Canada, the sugar maple tree is famous for its dark green foliage and sweet maple syrup. Of course, our artificial sugar maple tree won’t offer syrup, but it’s still a great addition to workspaces.

The oval-shaped dense crown offers a realistic arbor feeling. The tree blossoms in April and May. However, our faux trees indoors will remain in perennial bloom.

Potted Artificial Trees

Furthermore, the artificial sugar maple fall tree won’t need a large space to grow unlike the live ones (surprise).   

3. Dracaena Dragon

Native to Madagascar, the Dracaena Dragon tree is best-suited when placed in the workspace entryway. The green sword-like, red-edged leaves add a touch of color in any establishment.

The faux Dracaena tree — with a slightly twisted trunk — imitates all the features of the live tree. 

The original Dracaena dragon tree is toxic to animals if ingested. However, the fake Dracaena tree won’t have the issue.

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig 

With its enormous elegant leaves and tall stature, the fiddle leaf fig tree offers drama and height. However, the temperamental tree needs direct sunlight and thorough watering once a week. 

Imagine arranging the space and having to do the work. Our indoor large artificial trees solve the issues. 

The tree thrives on well-draining soil. Furthermore, the tree is toxic to cats and dogs. Our best artificial trees for indoors won’t have these issues. 

5. ZZ Money Tree

Native to Africa, the ZZ money tree brings splendor to workspaces with its wide dark green leaves and rustic-looking trunk.

The waxy smooth leaves reflect sunlight and brighten rooms. Furthermore, NASA confirmed the tree purifies the air by removing toxins such as benzene, xylene, and toluene

The artificial tree can’t purify the air but offers a lively appearance to any establishment. 

The live tree is toxic to humans and animals; an issue the faux ZZ money tree won’t have. 

6. Areca Palm Tree

With the smooth, reddish-brown, and sometimes golden trunk, the Areca palm adds a breezy atmosphere to the workspace. The tree is native to South India and Madagascar.

Potted Palm trees

The live tree needs full or partial sunlight and well-drained soil — issues not relevant in faux trees.

The tree produces pale yellow flowers in summer. However, the faux trees stay in perpetual bloom. 

7. Ancient Greek Olive

The ancient Greek olive tree adds elegance to your workspace. Native to the Mediterranean, the tree has lance-shaped leathery leaves. The leaves are dark green and silvery.

The small whitish flowers appear in late spring. The faux trees, however, display the clustered flowers all year long. 

Add the ancient greek olive to bring a touch of the seaside into workspaces.

8. Acacia Bonsai Tree

The Acacia Bonsai tree brings a touch of the Japanese art form of Bonsai in any establishment. The tree is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Central America, and Australia.

artificial bonsai trees

The tree produces small scented flowers in yellow, white, and pink. The tree needs moist soil. However, with the faux trees, these won’t be an issue.

9. Birch Tree

Native to Europe, Northern Asia, and North America, the birch tree can act as a focal point in any workspace. The tree has a beautiful white trunk and drooping dark green branches.

The tree thrives on moist, cool soil and direct sunlight. Imagine the space and work you’ll need to achieve that. The solution? Faux trees.

The artificial trees won’t attract pests as well; a common issue with live birch trees.

10. Buddhist Pine Tree

Buddhist Pine — also known as the Yew Pine — catches the eye with its long slender dark green leaves. The tree is native to China and Southern Japan.

The tree thrives on bright indirect light and moist soil. However, you won’t have such issues with faux trees. 

The Buddhist pine tree adds a sense of calm and is best suited when placed on an entryway or a foyer. 

11. Pin Oak

With the directional branching and striking fall foliage, the pin oak is a great addition to workspaces. The tree is native to central regions of the U.S.

The foliage changes its colors from glossy dark green in summer to bronze or red in the fall. With our faux trees, you can choose either of the colors.

Furthermore, faux trees won’t need well-drained soil or pruning.

12. Baobab

Native to Africa, the tree is also known as the Tree of Life tree. The grand wide trunks and high foliage make the trees a focal point in any workspace.

Choose our faux trees so you won’t have to worry about direct sunlight or sandy, well-drained soil. Furthermore, the artificial trees will be in perpetual bloom with white flowers.

The market for faux trees will continue to grow

The British marketing analyst agency Technavio confirmed worldwide demand for faux trees will grow up to 4% a year between now and 2023. Indoor faux trees are here to stay. Add them to your workspace now. These 12 faux trees are ideal for all your commercial indoor spaces. Call us today and ask our customer support to suggest the ideal products for your spaces.