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5 Artificial Trees For Styling Rooftop Bars

Today’s diners and drinkers love to socialize. They want an attractive, lively atmosphere that makes them stay for long. This is leading to a growing demand for rooftop bars. 

Every establishment is finding strategies to impress customers. Inculcating a “green theme” within your bar is an exciting way to revamp the design aesthetics. 

Artificial trees look stunning when used right and enhance customer experience. Unlike their natural counterparts, they are low-effort, low-maintenance, and easy on your wallet. 

Confused about which trees to choose? While there are hundreds to choose from, these 5 faux plants are great for beginners and experts. And they all look gorgeous. 

Cherry Blossom Tree

Emulating the essence of Hanami, faux cherry blossom trees are a sight to behold. Known as Sakura in Japan, they represent spring and play a significant role in Japan’s culture. Their pink flowers, in particular, are gorgeous and exude tenderness.

cherry blossom tree

Live cherry blossom trees bloom for only one to two weeks. Therefore, they’re impractical for landscaping use. 

Artificial cherry blossom trees are a cost-effective way of upgrading the design. They will add beauty and fragility to the establishment. Plus, they won’t wilt away at the end of spring. 

Increasing in popularity, they are a convenient choice for outdoor areas. Use them to add vibrance to your empty corners. Or customize them in different sizes. Fake cherry blossoms are great at first impressions and can refresh the entryway.

Fiddle Leaf Tree

For a few years now, the fiddle leaf fig has been the ‘go to’ plant for interior design and décor. It is the indoor plant of the decade. Even today, you can find this indoor tree mentioned in almost all design magazines.

Artificial fiddle leaf trees supplement the stunning view of your rooftop bar. Native to the African jungle, these trees are notorious for their fussy nature. Yet, their dense foliage and slender look are the most sought after. 

With fake fiddle leaf fig trees, you can bring the beauty of the wilderness to your commercial space. 

It is easy to find these trees in budget-friendly options. Their meticulous design, with gorgeous waxy leaves, is a sure-fire way to impress your customer. Place them in a vibrant planter to add a pop of color to this rich green plant. 

Fishtail Palm Trees

The most noticeable thing about artificial fishtail palm trees is their beautiful leaves. Their jagged leaves are dense and full. This trait makes them an excellent choice for privacy screens

fishtail palm tree

Use them to divide areas in your bar, cover up unsightly machinery, or put up banners. Their bushy stature is also great for putting up lights. Come the festival season, and you will be ready to enamor your guests with brightly lit trees. 

Faux fishtail palm trees make sophisticated additions to any commercial space. You can also consider other trees from the Palm family for your rooftop: 

  • Fan Palm Tree
  • Coconut Palm Tree
  • Cycas Palm Tree
  • Sago Palm Tree
  • Bamboo Palm Tree

Ficus Tree

Ficus trees are trendy indoor plants. They have been around for several years and are a part of many religious traditions, such as Buddhism. A tropical native, it has twisting branches and produces a well-known fruit. 

Artificial Ficus trees can replicate the elegant look of the natural Ficus. They were one of the first artificial trees to be made. Over the years, the quality of their leaves has improved by miles. They’re made using silk and are easy to clean and maintain. 

These faux trees are one of the most popular indoor plants and for a good reason. They’re inexpensive compared to other plants with variegated foliage. With a spreading canopy, you can use them to decorate outdoor tables and standing areas. 

Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is the perfect amalgamation of nature and art. It represents serenity, good fortune, balance, and simplicity. Years of tradition make it invaluable to modern design and architecture trends. 

bonsai tree

Growing natural bonsai trees using the Japanese art form can take years (even decades). Even then, they would need a rigorous amount of upkeep. Yet, their elegant allure is now accessible to everyone with artificial bonsai trees.

Like real trees, Faux bonsai trees also offer variety. In theory, you could create a fake bonsai from any tree or shrub. But some are more favorable for reasons of maintenance and environment. 

The following choices are popular for landscaping purposes: 

  • Ming Aralia Bonsai Tree
  • Acacia Bonsai Tree
  • Pink Azalea Bonsai Tree
  • Ironwood Bonsai Tree

You can also customize a bonsai tree, particular to your business. For years, people have associated bonsai trees with trust and wisdom. Adding them to your establishment will add a trustworthy aura. 

The most important ingredient for a rooftop bar is the panoramic views. It is what invites people in. But the lack of a comfortable atmosphere can also drive them away. 

Artificial trees make your establishment look airier, laid-back, and secure. They will add value to any atmosphere you wish to create for your bar. Romantic, friendly, or anything else. 

You can incorporate them into your decor with ease. Be it to augment the dancing area, create privacy walls between booths, or put up fairy lights at night. 

Maintaining them for several years is also no difficult task. So if you’re looking to invest in longevity at no extra expense, faux trees are your best bet. Convinced yet? Keep the list of the above recommendations handy for an easy buying experience.