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7 Large Artificial Trees For Indoor Themed Landscaping

Everyone goes on vacation to kick back and relax. And lush greenery plays a significant impact on people’s mental health and helps them relieve stress. So much so that horticulture therapy is a reliable therapy method in use for many years. 

If you’re catering to someone with a pollen allergy, indoor artificial trees have the same benefits as real trees. Another great application of artificial trees is that you’re not limited only to native trees.   

7 Indoor Fake Trees For Hotels/Resorts

Cherry Blossom Tree

The charm of the soft pink and white flowers of this tree has no equal. Cherry blossoms are native Japanese trees that are now widely popular in the U.S. This is because of Potomac Park in Washington, D.C. where the popular trees gifted to the U.S. by the Japanese are planted. 

artificial cherry blossom tree

The blossoms bloom in the spring season. But if you want a tree that is perennially in bloom, then faux cherry blossom trees are the way to go. The cherry blossom tree is the perfect addition to any space you want to bring a pop of color to. The lobby area of your resort is the perfect home for the faux cherry blossom tree.  

The flowers come in three beautiful shades of cherry, pink white, and yellow. So no matter the theme of your resort, this tree will be the cherry on top. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The deep green of the leaves is enough to bring sophistication and grandeur to your establishment. Native to western Africa, the fiddle leaf fig grows in a tropical rainforest. This is a temperamental tree that needs attentive care when alive. And though a popular houseplant, a real tree doesn’t thrive indoors. However, a fake fig tree (obviously) is not as high maintenance. 

Fiddle leaf fig trees are known for making a space more inviting. And since it only has muted shades of brown in the bark and the dark green of the leaf, the tree won’t clash with any of your interior decoration elements. The tree will look immaculate in your resort. 

If you want to add a green element inside the hotel room, then the FLF is the best choice. While it isn’t miniature, it also isn’t disruptive. 

Japanese Monochromatic Bonsai

Many people assume that bonsai trees automatically mean small trees. Bonsai is actually a Japanese art form that involves shaping the growth of the tree over several years. Many horticulturalists preferred keeping the trees small. This is where the misconception about its size came about.

Japanese Monochromatic Bonsai
Japanese Monochromatic Bonsai

If left to its own devices, a bonsai tree will grow to its full height. Traditionally, bonsai trees are formed over several years. If you bought an artificial bonsai tree, it wouldn’t take as long.

Bonsai trees are perfect for lobby areas or as a coffee table centerpiece. The monochromatic bonsai is fully white. Having this in your lobby will help make your brand stand out. The stark white trees would look good against any theme your resort has. 

Ancient Greek Olive Tree

This majestic tree will surely help to add splendor to your resort’s design. The Greek olive tree has great significance in both religious and economic contexts. Some Italian olive trees are said to date back to the 8th century BC.  

The tree thrives in hot and dry climates with an average tree 20-30 feet high. Imagine that indoors. 

A fake ancient green olive tree, however, would be perfect indoors. A shaded courtyard will be the perfect spot for the tree. The gnarled bark and the expansive foliage can be the anchor point to your courtyard design. Our Greek Olive trees look life-like with olives that look good enough to eat. 

Sugar Maple Tree

This native Canadian tree has dense green foliage and can grow up to 140 feet in height. The tree is grown primarily as a source of maple syrup. But it is also considered an ornamental and shade tree. Though faux trees won’t give you maple syrup, the tree is a lovely addition to a resort.

artificial sugar maple tree

The fake sugar maple tree is perfect to fill up corner spaces that everyone struggles to find the perfect decoration for. The natural bow of the tree, which is replicated in the fake tree as well, will add a unique design element. 

Leaves change colors seasonally in real maple trees. Though this cannot be replicated in our fake trees, they do look incredibly real.  

Autumn Chestnut Tree

The chestnut is a deciduous tree that grows in temperate regions. The leaves of the chestnut tree are long and pointy. The tree bears a fuzzy fruit with a chestnut inside. The sweet chestnut tree has a beautiful crisscrossed bark pattern which we have replicated.

We also give you the option to choose which season of the tree you want in your resort. Our autumn chestnut has the beautiful reds and oranges that occur during the fall season. If you’d like the summer version of that tree, we can do that as well. 

Because of the colors, the best spot for the autumn chestnut is in an entryway. Most resorts have warm lights, which makes the autumn colors look even better. 

Windswept Acacia Bonsai Tree 

Acacia trees are native to tropical and subtropical regions. The tree grows in open expanses of land like a veld. The acacia tree bears small yellow or white flowers that have a distinctive smell. 

The windswept acacia bonsai has realistic-looking branches that are twisted within each other. This adds a gnarled look to the tree. The leaves are dark green but not very dense. In the wild, the trees can grow between 20 – 40 feet tall. But the faux bonsai tree stays between 8 – 26 feet. 

The biggest advantage with indoor artificial trees is the almost-nil maintenance. Yes, a small level of upkeep is necessary. But that is nowhere close to what the real plant needs. Your guests will appreciate the touch of nature these artificial trees bring.