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7 Outdoor Large Trees for Amazonian Theme

Americans spend 93% of their time indoors. Thus, when Americans go on vacation, they want to relax.     

Nature helps us relax and unwind from the daily conundrum. That’s why forest bathing is growing in popularity. Thus, you should offer the same in your resort to attract more people. 

What’s a better way to add a touch of nature than going for the Amazonian theme? The dense canopy, thick foliage, and heavy vegetation all make up the Amazonian theme.  

Choosing artificial outdoor large trees will help you create the look without having to maintain and nurture real trees. Choose from the 7 outdoor artificial trees mentioned below for your resort.

7 outdoor large trees for Amazonian theme

Tropical Phoenix Palm

The lush green leaves of the tropical phoenix palm trees bring sophistication to your establishment. The palm tree is native to tropical regions including the Amazonian rainforest and North Africa.

phoenix palm tree

However, the real phoenix palm trees need attentive care including regular watering before the soil turns dry. Go for the artificial phoenix palm tree to solve the issue. 

The palm tree is best suited for bringing an eye-soothing element to any space. Furthermore, the palm tree has only the lush green of the leaves and the muted brown of the bark. Thus, the tree never puts strain on the eye.

Go for the phoenix palm artificial trees for sale to add grandeur to your resort.


With the pinnate-shaped leaves and feathery fern-like qualities, Acacia trees are like no other. Native to the Amazonian rainforest, arid landscapes of Australia, and Africa, the tree is ideal for low-water and hot climates.

acasia tree

Acacia trees produce white or yellow flowers clustered together in elongated spikes or spherical heads. The flowers bloom in spring. However, Acacia large outdoor artificial trees remain in perpetual bloom (surprise). The dense canopy and vibrant flowers will make the tree a focal point in your establishment.

Acacia trees thrive in well-draining soil. However, you won’t have to prepare the soil for our artificial trees for outside. 

The artificial Acacia outdoor trees we offer range from 6 feet to 26 feet in height. Thus, no matter what kind you want, we have an option for you.

Bay Laurel

Bay laurel trees add splendor with their evergreen, large, and pointed oval leaves. The trees grow in the Amazonian rainforest and in the Mediterranean area.

However, the tree needs well-drained soil. Furthermore, the leaves are toxic for cats and dogs. Thus, if your resort is pet-friendly, you’ll need to take extra care. The best outdoor artificial trees (automatically) remove both these issues. 

Bay laurel produces pale yellow flowers in late spring to early summer. However, the faux bay laurel trees remain in perennial bloom. If you want to add a pop of color to your space, the bay laurel tree is a perfect choice.   

Place the bay laurel tree in the resort entryway or courtyard to offer a feeling of comfort and familiarity to your guests. 

Red Cedar 

If you want to add life and stature to your resort, red cedar trees will satisfy your want. The tree is native to the Amazonian rainforest and the U.S. The scaly dark-green leaves and furrowed reddish-brown bark add a pop of color to your establishment. 

red cedar tree

However, the tree is susceptible to bagworm and cedar-apple rust attacks. With the artificial red cedar trees, you won’t have that problem. Furthermore, these large artificial outdoor trees are best for privacy as well.  

The tree produces yellow flowers if it is male and green blossoms if it is female. However, with the faux red cedar trees, you will witness perpetual bloom.

Add a touch of life to an otherwise boring exterior with the faux red cedar tree.  


Native to the Amazonian rainforest, India, California, Florida, and Italy, the lemon tree grows up to 20 feet. The tree adds life and zest to any space with its dark green leaves, white-purplish flowers, and yellow fruits. Furthermore, lemons exude a beautiful fragrance as well.

lemon tree

Obviously, with artificial lemon trees, you won’t get the fragrance, but it’s still a perfect addition to your resort lawn. 

The twisting multi-stemmed trunk, a characteristic perfectly replicated in the artificial version as well, brings a unique design element to the establishment. Furthermore, you won’t have to nurture the tree with the application of fertilizer and water.

The artificial lemon tree is perfect for placing on a patio set.


Native to the Amazonian rainforest, tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions, bamboos are one of the fastest-growing trees. As per the Guinness World Records, certain bamboo species grow up to 1.5 inches each hour. Imagine such a tree on your resort.

bamboo tree

The solution? Artificial bamboo trees. 

The natural green trunks and slender green bamboo leaves create an eye-soothing atmosphere. Furthermore, the artificial leaves are UV resistant as well. Thus, the color won’t fade even after years. 

Certain species of bamboo are well-known for bringing good luck and prosperity as well. The tree is best-suited for a formal entryway or outdoor patio. 


The color orange signifies joy, enthusiasm, and success. You can add the same to your resort with artificial orange trees. The tree grows in the Amazonian rainforest and in countries with warm and mild climates.

orange tree

The orange tree leaves are elliptical and leathery. Furthermore, the tree produces white scented flowers. Of course, an artificial tree won’t offer the scent, but it’s still a beautiful addition to your resort. 

The faux orange tree offers artificial fruits which appear almost real that you can’t tell the difference.   

Outdoor large trees for Amazonian theme — go artificial for low-maintenance

Artificial outdoor large trees never need much maintenance. Regular dusting or washing is enough to keep them clean and shiny. Thus, your guests will always be dazzled by the sparkle of artificial trees no matter what the season.