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8 New Trendy Interior Design Ideas for 2022

The year 2022 promises to be a groundbreaking year for sustainable interior decor ideas. Peppered liberally with “back to nature” themes! Natural, comforting, welcoming, and biophilic are the trends to watch out for. 

If you are looking to incorporate the latest trends into your interior decor initiatives, read on. Find out exactly what works for you and your space. And learn how to create a trendy and restful atmosphere through decor.

1. Hanging Screen

Do you find your walls to be in dire need of a makeover? Turn any uninspiring wall into a work of art with a hanging screen.

These simple grids of metal, with matching frames, are ideal for hanging vines and other hanging plants from. Put them up on any wall, and they can be a canvas for your artistic expression. They can even be hung from the ceiling if that’s the look you are going for.

Faux plants are the ideal choice for these hanging screens. And you can choose from a plethora of lush foliages and realistic-looking leaves for creating an aesthetically pleasing space.

2. Rounded Furniture

As far as furniture is concerned, rounded edges are all the rage this year. Think of round glass coffee tables, monochrome curved couches, and cabinets with rounded edges. Even wall corners are being given a curve.

Just look for organically shaped furniture and you will be on the right track. Add a few angular pieces so as to complete the look.

3. Plant Grid

As you can see, plants are very popular this year as part of biophilic interior decor ideas. Plant grids are a hanging artificial greenery feature. Imagine cubes that are open on one side or panels that are suspended from the ceiling.

They can be customized as per your specifications. And you can easily choose from plenty of artificial plants to hang from them. These are sure to create a stunning effect. Especially in lobbies with high ceilings.

A cascade of vines and flowers hanging from the ceiling is an inspiring image for sure.

Doubling up as art installations, these plant grids are the perfect answer to your biophilic needs. It is sure to create a conversation piece that not just marvels, but also brings you face to face with nature.

4. Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-tone cabinets are very in-style today. The trend is of painting the upper cabinets with a light color. Whereas, the lower part is colored in a darker shade. The contrast really makes the space stand out.

And you know what? This tactic can make a small space seem way bigger. That is why it is catching everyone’s fancy. 

5. Island Greenery

Another one for plant lovers. You can create a plant island to enhance the beauty of any space. These draw the viewer’s attention towards them. And they give a large space a focal point. Island greenery makes cavernous spaces seem inviting and not daunting.

The trend is simple. You can customize a planter that is multi-tiered. Put in fake plants of various kinds and you are done. 

Why fake plants you ask? Well, they are better than live plants that need a lot of maintenance. Not to mention, it is not always possible to clean the mess that daily watering and fertilizing can create.

Artificial plants don’t need a lot of maintenance and are perfect for indoor usage. They will last you long and you will always have a vibrant green island without any of the efforts. No pruning, no watering, no fertilizing it.

6. Nature-Identical Colors

This year, with nature inspiring a lot of decor ideas, can the colors be far behind. Use lots of nature-identical colors in your interior decor scheme and you will be right on track.

Shades of green in the form of plants, whether real or fake, are an inspired choice. Use lots of warm colors that exist in nature to complement your space and lighting. 

Pastel oranges and peaches are perfect for walls that don’t have a lot of natural lighting. For outdoors or spaces that receive a fair amount of sunlight, colors like burnt oranges and teak are being preferred.

7. Return of 70’s Inspired Decor Items

The ’70s weren’t only about flower power. It was also about quirky art. Peg legged cabinets and stools. Hyper textured fabrics. Rounded lamps in bright colors. Shag rugs in warm, neutral shades like mustard, burnt orange, teal, moss green, sage, etc. You get the idea…

You can visit a few antique stores to get an idea of what sort of items you can integrate into your space. Think bold but not loud… 

8. Rearranging the Work Space

With most people working from home now, Workspaces are being downsized now. More open seating is being preferred rather than cubicles. A biophilic approach is also being taken in order to ensure the well-being of workers and employees. 

Research proves that being in an environment with lots of plants, good ventilation, and adequate lighting is good for the human mind and body.

Multi-functional spaces are also being preferred. A lobby can double up as a library. Whereas the break room can double up as an after-work brainstorming area if required. 

This will not only decrease your overheads. But it will also be a step towards sustainability, which is major trend this year.

Make your workspace a more comfortable place. Make it inviting and relaxing. Add some plants for a natural look. Comfortable seating and engaging wall art will also ensure that your workspace looks as fresh as a daisy.

With your workers and employees happy, productivity and morale will get a boost. And what could be better than that?

Armed with the above ideas and trends, you can now make the right decision about your interior decor design. Remember, trends may come and go, but sustainability and inspirations from nature are here to stay.