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Artificial Trees

Trees require space, time, and energy. If you don’t have any of those to give, then artificial trees are the way to go. 

Beyond the occasional wipe-down, fake trees don’t need any maintenance. 

When you buy artificial trees, the product should have longevity. Want to know which trees will last you decades?

9 Artificial Trees That Lasts Atleast A Decade

1. Banana Palm

Scientific Name: Musa spp.

banana palm

The Banana Palm is synonymous with the tropics. Misnamed as a tree, the banana palm is, in fact, a large herbaceous plant. It is a perennial tree that is known to propagate itself. 

In the wild

Banana palms are native to Indomalaya and Australia. They are primarily grown for the fruit. But the stem is also consumed in some regions. 

Where will it look good?

Banana Palms are the best plant to introduce shade in your garden. Banana Palms are very prolific and keep reproducing. With an artificial banana tree, you can better control the number of trees in your landscape.

2. Eucalyptus

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus globulus

The eucalyptus tree is most well-known for its medicinal benefits. The bark is also used for fuel and even to build musical instruments. 

In the wild

Most Eucalyptus species are native to Australia. But the tree grows well in other regions too. It grows very quickly, thus it’s cultivated as a cash crop. 

Where will it look good?

Eucalyptus is a tall species without dense foliage. This makes the artificial eucalyptus tree perfect for indoor use. It won’t block too much light. But you can still experience the benefits of having a tree indoors. 

3. Scotch Pine Tree

Scientific Name: Pinus sylvestris


Also known as the Baltic Pine, this is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 35 meters tall. The Scotch Pine is most popularly used as a Christmas Tree due to its dense foliage. 

In the wild

The Scotch Pine grows in the cold regions of Western Europe. The tree grows well in sandy, non-fertile soils. 

Where will it look good?

The artificial Scotch Pine tree from CommercialSilk is dense and true to the real version. This long-lasting tree is perfect to adorn your home during the festive season. 

4. Apple Tree

Scientific Name: Malus domestica

The Apple Tree is deciduous. It produces blooms in the spring which matures into fruits in the late summer or fall. 

In the wild

The tree originally grew in Central America. But today, it is cultivated worldwide with over 7,500 cultivars available. Trees are usually propagated by cloning or grafting. 

Where will it look good?

The faux Apple Tree is perfect to be placed in a hotel or office lobby. The tree, which comes with realistic fruits, will add a colorful touch to your interiors. Due to the dense foliage, it can also be used as a fake privacy tree to screen off certain areas. 

5. Areca Palm 

Scientific Name: Areca

areca palm tree

Areca is a large family of palm trees with 51 species. Areca palm can help treat and cure some diseases like diabetes and even prevent ulcers. The nut also has some psychoactive compounds in them. 

In the wild

Areca grows in the tropical regions of the Philippines, Malaysia, and India. The tree can grow to about 35 feet tall outdoors. Its feathery fronds are used to make utensils in south India. 

Where will it look good?

The fake Areca Palm tree is a good ornamental tree to use inside restaurants and cafes. The rustic reddish-brown trunks and the contrasting green leaves freshen up the indoor space, giving diners a better experience. 

6. Magnolia Tree

Scientific Name: Magnolia grandiflora

Magnolia is an ancient tree species that produces large, fragrant flowers. This is an evergreen shrub genus with about 120 species. 

In the wild

Magnolia grows primarily in two regions – east and southeast Asia, and the Americas. Magnolia flowers are pickled and used as a condiment in some cuisines. The bark and buds are also used in traditional medicine. 

Where will it look good?

The faux magnolia tree has lush greenery with white and yellow silk flowers. You can also get it in a topiary style. This is a good way to decorate hotel corridors and lobbies. 

7. Acacia Bonsai Tree

Scientific Name: Acacia

Also known as wattles, the Acacia is a large family of trees in the pea family. Acacia is an ancient family with some extinct species. 

In the wild

Originally, the plant grows in Australia and Asia. Acacia seeds are harvested and eaten as a paste or in cakes. The seeds are a large store of protein.

Where will it look good?

Bonsais are the perfect tree to use for accents. If it’s small enough, you can even use it as a table centerpiece. The faux Acacia bonsai is crafted with life-like foliage and bark. You can also find a windswept version on CommercialSilk

8. Winter Birch Tree

Scientific Name: Betula

Birch is a deciduous tree that is cultivated for plywood, paper pulp, and much more. The twigs also have a sweet, sappy fragrance to them which is often used in saunas. 

In the wild

Birch is native to cold regions in Asia, Europe, and North America. The tree produces small leaves. 

Where will it look good?

The Winter Birch Tree from CommercialSilk is represented with no leaves. The plain, twig tree is fantastic to use as an accent piece your landscape. 

9. Ficus Benjamin Tree

Scientific Name: Ficus Benjamina

Also known as Benjamin Fig, this tree has long droopy branches and glossy leaves. This makes it a very popular indoor tree.  

In the wild

The Benjamin Fig is native to Asia and Australia. It is the official tree of Bangkok. The tree is also naturalized in West Indies and some states in the U.S.

Where will it look good?

The artificial Ficus benjamin tree is a stunning accent tree that looks good indoors. You can add it to commercial spaces like shopping malls. 

Trees, even fake, can serve many purposes. These easy-to-care-for versions are the best landscaping plants for your commercial space.