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Artificial Hanging Plants Indoors

New coffee houses and cafes are popping up all over. Each of them is doing something new with the business. Themed evenings, wacky decor, secret family recipes – you name it.

Want your coffee shop to have an extra something special? But don’t want to shell out big bucks? Artificial hanging plants indoor are the answer. 

These no-effort, long-lasting plants are perfect to amp up your decor. Be it interior or exterior. Elevating your ambiance with a touch of green gets you brownie points from customers. 

As with everything, faux plants offer choice. Yet, some of them will stand out more than others. 

10 hanging artificial plants for indoors

1. Heartleaf Philodendron

This magnificent plant is an evergreen climber. The leaves spilling out of the pot present a spectacle of earthy prettiness. But unlike real plants, this fake tropical plant won’t grow unruly. Also called the sweetheart plant, its heart-shaped leaves are very fashionable.

heartleaf Philodendron

Though the natural plant is toxic to animals, this faux plant can be a great addition to pet-friendly cafes.

2. Devil’s Ivy 

Devil’s Ivy or golden pothos plant often gets confused for a philodendron. They both are vining plants and have heart-shaped leaves. Above all, they’re both gorgeous. 

One of the most popular fake hanging plants, they’re sure to turn heads at your cafe. Choose a bright-colored pot, and you’re good to go.

3. Azalea Shrub

Azalea makes an impression immediately. A type of Rhododendron, its red flowers flow down from dense green foliage. Natural Azaleas are famous for their toxicity, but faux Azaleas are a safe addition to any space.

Take advantage of this plant’s vibrancy and hang it somewhere that needs a little color

4. Asparagus Fern

Asparagus ferns look lovely, tumbling from a shelf or a plant stand. Made of non-toxic material, their full leaves gracefully hang when placed at a height. They also make fabulous outdoor plants.

Asparagus ferns

Their delicate green foliage resembles asparagus, hence the name. But they’re not actual ferns. Native to Southern Africa, they belong to the lily family.

5. Buckler Fern

Buckler Fern is ideal for coffee shops with outdoor seating. 

Line them up at a height to enhance their shape. They have striking, broad triangular fronds with margins that curl. This makes them a popular choice to brighten up a space. 

6. Ribbon Grass

Ribbon Grass has a dense mat of foliage with strappy leaves. Its wispy, graceful foliage will add exciting form and texture to your corners.  

Natural Ribbon Grass often grows out of bounds and is hard to maintain. Sun damage is also a prevalent issue with them. Faux hanging plants need no upkeep apart from an occasional dusting. And will remain the same in any light conditions.

7. String of Pearls

This beautiful succulent has leaves that look like peas. A creeping vine, its plump, round leaves run along each string-like stem. This makes the plant look like beads on a necklace.

Other popular names for the String of Pearls plant are String of Beads and Bead Plant

8. String of Hearts

The adorable String of Hearts plant is another popular choice. It’s perfect for hanging baskets and has vines adorned by attractive heart-shaped leaves.

Their real counterparts need intense irrigation to survive. But with a faux String of Hearts, you simply hang it from a high spot and let it impress your customers. 

9. Morning Glory

This indoor artificial hanging plant has a lot of varieties. With slender stems and heart-shaped leaves, their beautiful flowers come in a list of colors.

Natural ones can grow upto 10 ft in a short amount of time. With fake Morning Glory plants, you can customize the length and design you want for your cafe.

10. English Ivy

English Ivy is well-known for its groundcover. It can cover up patio borders or entire walls. Its dense foliage fills up empty spaces as a hanging plant, giving your area more texture. 

This plant can add a Victorian, ornamental vibe to your business.

11. Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is a classic for indoor hanging plants. They are attractive, with long, graceful fronds with tiny leaves.

The natural plants shed regularly and can be a hassle to clean up. For a busy cafe, it is best to stick with a no-effort, artificial Boston Fern. 

Did you know coffee shops in the United States grow 7 percent annually? This trait makes it the fastest-growing segment of the good-service industry.  

The coffee shop experience is becoming as much about the atmosphere as the coffee itself. This is where artificial plants come in handy. 

As per recent market research, artificial hanging plants are growing more and more popular. They are predicted to keep the same trajectory in the coming years. And for good reason.  

Apart from decor value, artificial hanging plants offer many other advantages:

  • They Look Good in Most Spaces: A fake hanging plant is mobile, looks good, and you can place them in any area. 
  • No Pest Can Kill Them: This is the most obvious and the most important benefit. Maintenance is the biggest factor while selecting a plant. Faux plants don’t need any fertilization, irrigation, or disease checks. All you need to do is dust, or wipe them once in a while. Despite no effort, they look stunning for several years. 
  • They’re Non-Toxic: They’re safe for animals, children, and everyone else. With no risk of pests, allergies, or toxins, your customers will feel more at home.

So whether you want to revamp your outdoors or create a new “green” theme for your indoors – faux hanging plants will do a fantastic job. Once you experience the charm they add to your environment, you’ll never want to go back.