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large artificial trees

Your workplace is where you spend a major part of the day. And you do not like the drab and dreary look of the place. Putting some small trees here and there would enhance the beauty of the place, for sure. But then, maintaining them would require considerable effort.

Let artificial trees come to your rescue. 

Artificial trees, or fake trees, are a category of manufactured trees that are made to look exactly like the original. They come in various shapes and sizes. They can be seasonal (like Christmas trees) or perennial. And they bring with them a host of benefits. Read on to know more about it.

They fit, always

One problem that you might face with natural trees is that they don’t come in customized shapes and sizes. So, you are hard-pressed to find the tree that would fit in the designated space in your workplace. But commercial outdoor and indoor artificial trees come in all shapes & sizes — thin, fat, tall, short — as you want it. It can be a small plant or an 8-foot faux tree. So, you are spared the hassle of spending hours finding the right-sized tree.

Maintenance is easy

You won’t need to water these faux indoor trees or put them in sunlight. All you need to do is dust them from time to time or wash them gently. So, you won’t need to bother about whether they would survive or not when you are away from the office for long. And we ensure that our artificial trees remain as eye-catching as they are on day one.

large artificial trees

They’re lifelike

We at Commercial Silk can vouch for this — you won’t be able to distinguish between natural trees and our artificial indoor trees. Yes, that’s how life-like our artificial trees are. They are as beautiful and as intricately designed as their natural brethren. And these artificial trees will continue to look fresh and life-like year after year.

They’re easy to store

You might be shifting your office to a new location. But transporting natural trees from your office can be a headache. They need expert handling and a lot of attention for a successful relocation. Sadly, not everyone can do so. But with the artificial green trees, you need not bother. They can be simply popped into a box, taken to the new office, and reinstalled. Yes, it’s that simple and hassle-free!

They’re affordable 

In the long run, maintaining a natural tree can be an expensive affair. You would need to periodically apply fertilizing elements to it. You would also need to avail of the services of a gardener for its maintenance. Additionally, natural plants consume water which is a drain on this precious resource. But an artificial tree comes without any of these disadvantages. Hence, keeping them doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

They’ll be lifelike forever, almost 

Since artificial trees won’t wilt or wither away, they will last for a long time. All they need is some basic cleaning and dusting. So unless there is any mishap, the artificial trees would stay with you for long.

artificial trees

They are safe for a workplace

You might be celebrating an occasion at your workplace where the family members of the employees are invited. And inadvertently, a kid happens to consume a small portion of the artificial plant. But don’t worry. These artificial plants are non-toxic, unlike many real plants. In the worst-case scenario, the kid will face a little discomfort and not much else.

They’re immune to pests

With all due respect to the animal world, insects can be a cause for botheration. Many of them make plants their home. And you would not want your clients/business partners to keep getting irritated by these insects. However, this botheration won’t be there when you go for artificial trees. Neither would the people in your office be disturbed by these pests, nor would you need to invest in buying chemicals/pesticides. And pesticides are harmful to humans as well.

Types of artificial trees at Plantscape Commercial Silk

Artificial trees of a wide variety are available at Plantscape Commercial Silk. Be it for indoors or outdoors, small or large, tropical or non-tropical — you name it, we have it. Our artificial trees are made with the best quality raw materials. It makes them dust and fire-resistant.  And the best part is that they aren’t too pricey. So, artificial trees from Plantscape Commercial Silk are cost-effective options for beautifying your workplace. 

faux trees

How to maintain large artificial trees?

As one of the leading fake tree manufacturers, we would ensure that our products need minimum maintenance efforts. All you need to keep these trees clean is a feather duster. From time to time, gently wipe the dust that will gather on them. You can also use cleaning towels for this. 

Accompaniments with the trees

Our artificial trees come in their suitable planters, along with natural moss. We will also provide you with the rocks that you can place at the base of the trees. But yes, you can use additional rocks if you want. Some of our customers also place real soil at the base of the trees to make them look more “real life.” And there’s no reason why faux trees shouldn’t look realistic. In fact, you have multiple options to further decorate the trees! You can also choose the color and shape of the planters.

How to choose artificial trees?

Measure the area properly where you would want to place the tree. If going for tall artificial trees, you need to ensure that the tip is not touching the ceiling.

Choose the shape of the tree, keeping in mind the structure of the room. You might want to experiment with the looks of the tree and go for customized shapes. Or, stick to a more traditional one. It should fit in the overall ambiance of the room.

To conclude, options for artificial trees are plenty with Plantscape Commercial Silk. We will make sure that you get the best value for your money when you shop with us. Do visit our website to know more about what we offer. And we will take care of the installation as well. Welcome to the world of artificial trees!