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Top 5 Most Realistic Artificial Outdoor Plants

Picture the perfect vacation home. You might think of luscious gardens, a bright, swinging hammock, and a lake. But maintaining natural plants can be a thorny task. 

You can make any outdoor area look more appealing with these most realistic outdoor plants. And it comes with no extra effort or cost. 

Color you impressed? Here are the Top 5 Most Realistic Artificial Outdoor Plants that will be perfect for your garden resort. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The ficus lyrata, also called the fiddle leaf fig, is one of today’s “it” plants. 

They are one of the most demanding plants to grow. A lack of water or changes in light exposure causes them to droop. Their fake counterpart is one of the most realistic artificial outdoor plants. It needs no pruning or repotting and will adorn your resort for years. 

As far as trends go, fiddle leaf figs are a constant. You will find them spread across any decor magazine. And for good reason. Their large leaves are expressive and compelling; they can quickly transform your dull space into a spectacular view. 

Fiddle leaf figs can be a great addition to your patio, poolside, or even the entrance. You can also use them to separate two balconies. Doing this will ensure privacy for your guests. And make them feel more at home.

The detailed leaves of these faux plants are stylish as ever. They are perfect for adding a pop of charisma to your resort.

Black Olive

You can never go wrong with an olive tree. Black olive’s gracefully spread branches and unique leaf pattern add a well-adjusted spirit. Apart from their aesthetic value, they also improve your mood

The tree comes to life with its little olives. But you might have to wait years (at least three) for real olive trees to produce fruit. Even then, they do not last for long. 

As a solution, you can customize your faux black olive tree with small fake olives. So, your resort doesn’t miss out on the Mediterranean vibe. 

This realistic artificial plant comes in a range of different heights. You can choose smaller ones for compact spaces like entryways or helpdesks. Pick larger ones for outdoor spaces instead. Black olive’s silvery leaves complement any other trees in their vicinity. It is, thus, a popular choice to plant them in groups with other plants. 


Silk ficus tree was one of the first artificial trees ever made. And ever since, they’ve been a staple for landscaping. People often mistake these large faux plants for real trees. So, you know their artful branches are a sight to behold. 

Many garden resorts have a few dark corners, which seem unpleasant. You can use faux ficus trees to hide unattractive electrical boxes or machinery. They can also brighten up grim-looking areas. It might be impossible for a real tree to survive in dim lighting, but faux trees won’t let you down.

Like the fiddle leaf fig, the ficus tree is a fussy plant. But this classic fake plant brings lush forest color without any maintenance.  

Pick bright-colored planters for this plant. The vibrant colors in contrast with ficus’ deep green will add character to your space. Given their stunning life-like quality, they are perfect for any commercial space. Your guests will feel the elegance and beauty of these trees all year round. 

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm trees are a vital choice for anyone looking for a tropical vibe. These faux plants can transform the drab outdoors of your resort into an exotic paradise.

Do you have neglected corners in your resort outdoors? Place a bamboo palm there. Their wide-spreading foliage takes up space with grace. You won’t have to worry about dull, neglected corners anymore. 

These faux plants will give a rainforest feel to your resort, whether it is summer or winter. So, every day seems perfect for relaxing. Your guests will surely appreciate it. 

With faux bamboo palm, you can have the delicacy of the tropic in your resort throughout the year. All with no extra hassle of constant irrigation and pruning. 

Peperomia Bush

Peperomia bush is as versatile as it gets. This artificial plant features bright foliage with detailed tiny leaves. You can pot them in small planters to accent a pathway or hang them in balconies. 

Is there a lonely fountain in your resort outdoors? Planting peperomia around the borders will make it look more lively and attractive. These realistic faux plants are UV-resistant. So, they will add color to your outdoors without being damaged by the sun. 

Given their small size, they can fit into compact spaces. Place them inside a gazebo or emphasize seating areas. 

They are robust and lush and prove to be an exciting addition to any place. 

Faux plants look just as real and offer no risks of pests or allergies. So, your guests can relax in a pleasant environment with no worries. 

Fake green plants can be a great deal if you’re running on a small budget. Each plant will last you longer and will cost you no maintenance. So, no need to hire gardeners or helpers to take care of your greens. Occasional dusting and wiping down is enough for faux trees to look new for years. 

From a design perspective, they can save you a lot of money. Don’t have the budget to upgrade your patio furniture? Use artificial floor plants to accentuate your outdoor furnishings. 

A beautiful resort is the heart of any vacation. It is not surprising that there are more than 54,000 resorts and hotels in the USA. Yet, many worry if their establishment is keeping up with the trends. 

Artificial outdoor plants can be a simple solution to this complex problem. So no matter how black your thumbs are, faux plants can elevate your garden resort in no time. Keep the above list in mind while taking your pick of artificial greens.