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Aerial Roots ID# P3000AS

Aerial Roots
Aerial Roots
Aerial Roots
Aerial Roots
Aerial Roots
Aerial Roots

Our artificial Aerial Roots are a unique way to add visual interest to your design. Like herbs drying in a root cellar, these aerial Roots are perfect hanging from an overhead structure like a pergola or indoor in a unique foodie marketplace. Available in 2 sizes, these are handcrafted and incredibly life like. Rich brown tones add another element to your color scheme as well.


  • Also available in additional sizes; 20", 31" (custom dimensions available)
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Who doesn’t want to create a commercial property which boasts of a fresh environment and highly lively ambiance? Apparently most of them. But only a few of them succeed in creating such a space. If you would like to create such an impressive and rejuvenating landscape with success, then all you need is our collection of artificial foliage in your commercial property. Hang them from your ceiling or columns or walls and watch them create a sense of beauty and awe among all your visitors. One of the simplest yet striking design elements which will support your existing design or theme, these artificial Aerial Roots are perfect for a naturesque look. They are extremely easy to install and bring a perfect balance of beauty and utility. There is something absolutely heart-warming about a decor featuring a vibrant pop of rejuvenating green and this is exactly what this functional and practical faux Aerial Roots will bring to your space.