Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet
Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet
Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet

Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet

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Buttonwood trees, also known as mangrove bushes or trees, are native to warm and tropical climates, usually near shorelines. When creating artificial trees, we take great pride and care to replicate the bark of the tree trunks. Making sure the fine detail and texture of the specific tree bark are replicated properly, we cast a mold from real trees, capturing the natural design through our manufacturing process. These beautiful sheets of bark are easy to implement as a wrap-around, creating a life-like tree trunk for your landscape project. Artisan crafted to match the real-life tree, the Buttonwood Bark is molded, textured, and painted using premium materials for a long-lasting, natural-looking part of your design. If you are looking to add Buttonwood or mangrove trees or a likeness with our foliage…this is the perfect product for your design project.
We create the artificial Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet using our exclusive ThermaLeaf® technology so our clients never have to worry about fire code compliance. By infusing fire-retardant chemicals into raw materials during manufacturing, we provide the ultimate in fire-safe foliage. The faux Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet is durable and authentic. We design the product using the impression of real buttonwood bark, which allows us to deliver a true-to-life replica. You can’t really tell the difference with this product, like many others by Plantscape Commercial Silk.
Standing at a height of 115” and with a 34” width, our fake Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet can wrap or envelope structures within your commercial space and give them a sturdy appeal. The brown tone helps bring out other foliage you may have in your existing decor. All our products like the faux Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet are customizable and can be manufactured in the dimension of your choosing.
The artificial Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet is a great enhancement to your biophilic commercial space. Added with our other foliage, it is bound to bring your establishment closer to nature in all its beauty. The fake Buttonwood Tree Bark Sheet is authentic, durable, easy to maintain, and self-extinguishing. What else could you possibly want?

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Height 115”
thermaleaf Available

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