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Woodland VineID# VWLL96#


Woodland Vine ID# VWLL96#

Woodland Vine
Woodland Vine
Woodland Vine
Woodland Vine
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  • Size 96'' x 1'' diameter
  • Trendy & fashionable selection of branches
  • Low maintenance displays
  • Real preserved natural wood branches
  • Custom containers for decorative expression
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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Artificial Woodland Vine is an faux vine manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l. Our Woodland vines, built to replicate wood vines, have been used into theme restaurants and hotels. Often, faux woodland plants and animals appear to hang from our faux vines, creating a sense of awe from adults and children alike. This faux wood vine is 96" long. The woodland appearance is create from plastic materials, and the vine can be snapped together to create your desired wood vine length. Wood vines can be paired with other faux vines such as flowering vines, and tropical ivy vines to enhance your project's jungle theme.

Who doesn’t want to create a commercial property which boasts of a fresh environment and highly lively ambiance? Apparently most of them. But only a few of them succeed in creating such a landscape. If you would like to create such an impressive and rejuvenating landscape with success, then all you need is our collection of artificial Woodland Vine in your commercial property. Hang them from your ceiling or columns or walls and watch them create a sense of beauty and awe among all your visitors. One of the simplest yet striking design elements which will support your existing design or theme, these artificial Woodland Vines are perfect for a wild, jungle look or landscape.

Landscape elements which will elicit surprise in the setting, these silk Woodland Vines will make any dull and uninspiring setting come to life. A great way to switch up the vibe in your commercial landscape design, our faux Woodland Vines will not just add personality to the setting but their sublime presence will impress everyone visitor with ease. Whether you want to add some realism to your existing landscape or theme or want to bring a tropical, natural feel to your indoor space, these fake Woodland Vines are just what you need.

Our Woodland Vines are ideal for display in a range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, exotic display rooms, exhibitions, office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces, and their simplicity yet amazing appeal will win over every visitor.

These artificial vines make use of premium quality material which makes them maintenance-free and gives them an incredibly lifelike appearance. Our Woodland Vines are long-lasting and durable and will bring a rich, captivating appeal in any setting season after season.

If you’re looking to add a bit of fun and realism to your indoor landscape, then nothing will do it better than these Woodland Vines. They will make your commercial property resemble a cozy sanctuary till times to come.

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