Artificial Green Walls


Green Walls are perfect for brand awareness and artistic gestures - the ultimate biophilic blank canvas.

Green walls are known for their versatility; It can mean a single wall of solid green boxwood leaves, all woven into a gentle organic ocean, but this artificial green wall can also represent a real meaningful, and intentional work of art. Breakthroughs in industrial design, manufacturing technology, as well as cultural shifts over the years have empowered designers and architects to incorporate biophilic elements into everyday spaces. We’ve created an arsenal of botanically researched foliage and greenery that lets artists paint with a brand new kind of brush to represent their story.

Our experts at Commercial Silk have specialized skill sets in everything from graphic design to horticulture to landscape architecture, giving you a perfectly rounded source for advice and answers. Choose from hundreds of foliage types to create a green wall that reflects your brand, whether that means artificial grasses for a micro-scale entryway sign or thousands of artificial flowers for a multi-story faux green wall.

Because fake green walls so commonly include a multitude of different plants, all with different watering needs, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with a live green wall. Having to work within realistic constraints can also dampen your artistic freedom to express your brand. It’s for these reasons that there is just no substitute for faux greenery in the world of living wall design.

Whether you want a plain green wall, an abstract map, or a green work of art, there are truly no rules on what a faux living wall can become. As we find ourselves amid the biophilic movement, the popularity of fake plant wall panels and tiles is only beginning to explode, and the versatility of the medium is being explored and developed every day.