Artificial Moss

The latest in the world of greenery, preserved moss is vibrant, full of life, and beloved for its soft appearance. Welcome to the home of museum-quality green walls, epic-scale foliage screens, and immersive green experiences unlike any other, brought to you by boxwood. Boxwood describes all of our transformative products that use artificial foliage from English Ivy and other plants to cover any surface, any climate, indoor and outdoor.

The calming and comforting influence of moss can never be overstated. There is something innately soothing and pleasant about an indoor space that blends moss and moss elements in the design scheme. If you’re looking to bring some in your commercial space, then we highly recommend you check out our delightful collection of artificial moss. The best way to introduce moss in any commercial setting is through the introduction of fake moss walls.

As an element which brings a whole new level of serenity to any setting, our artificial moss walls are unique and full of character. They will make your space inviting and purposeful in no time. One of the best part is that our fake moss walls require extremely low maintenance and look absolutely realistic to the point of being able to blend with live plants.

Whether you’re looking to introduce interior fake moss walls or exterior moss walls in your commercial space, our team will work with you closely, understand your space and requirements and provide you with custom moss wall solutions. These solutions are guaranteed to will make your space feel more enjoyable and up-close with nature. We also have fake moss accents and decorations that will help you create special, picturesque displays without spending much and no hassles.