Faux Grass Plants

Vibrant, versatile texture

Excellent for dividing spaces and adding subtle texture

Wispy blades of tall dry grasses are great for a modern, attractive privacy screen in any office or retail space. However, live grasses also tend to be problematic. They are notoriously troublesome for people with sensitive allergies, can attract pests, and rapidly wither in low light environments. Fortunately, artificial grass plants are not only more durable and clean, but they’re also better looking and more lush than their live counterparts. They keep this up all year long, every year, regardless of where you are.

Artificial grass plants have a brilliant variety of shapes and nuanced styles you may not even realize you’ve been looking for. With colors ranging from deep green, sage, yellow, and brown and including varieties that have reed-like ends, you are guaranteed to find more than one style suited to your space. Whether you include them at floor-level lining a hallway or obelisk-like plumes framing an executive office, these expressive gestures of greenery elevate your brand and style in a simple, subtle way.

We pride ourselves on the botanical accuracy of the plants we design. This translates to plants that not only look real, but blend in with real plants. Exterior projects benefit from seamless integration with existing live plants, so you can confidently outfit your exterior project with zero-maintenance grasses that won’t wilt or wither.

Exterior grass projects also benefit from the same PermaLeaf® UV resistant materials we use in our artificial leaves, infused during the molding process to create rain-proof resistance that won’t wash off. Likewise, interior grass projects are protected with ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant materials that dramatically reduce flame spread to keep your space safe.