Faux Dune Grass Plant
Faux Dune Grass Plant | Dune Grass Plant ID# GDU332
Dune Grass Plant ID# GDU332
Faux Dune Grass Plant | Dune Grass Plant ID# GDU332
Dune Grass Plant ID# GDU332
Faux Dune Grass Plant | Dune Grass Plant ID# GDU332
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Faux Dune Grass Plant

ID# GDU332

Looking for a beachy accent in your landscape design? Do you need some additional height and structure in a tropical floral arrangement? Our artificial Dune grass plant perfectly captures the easy, breezy feeling of being at the beach. Sized from 24” to 48” tall, with lifelike leaves, the Dune grass would be great in bunches with a sandy base or used in a planter as shown here to add lift to an existing design. Manufactured to last for years with little or no maintenance, the Dune grass will continue to brighten your beachy theme for many seasons. We welcome custom orders on our entire grass selection.
There is absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy the breezy beauty of Dune grass without heading to the beach. If you want to add the beauty of the seaside to your indoor space, Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial Dune grass plant is the product you should go for. Unlike real grasses, our faux Dune grass plant does not need to be watered, pruned, or fed. You can enjoy the beauty of a Dune grass plant, without having to look after it.
Our faux Dune grass plants are made of high-quality plastic which comes in a soft moss green color. Our experts have replicated every minute detail of the real plant so that the faux counterpart looks as lifelike as possible. Thanks to our proprietary ThermaLeaf® feature, our faux Dune grass plant is fireproof. The ThermaLeaf® technology also prevents our fake plants from fading and decaying.
With our faux Dune grass plant, you have a life-sized and lifelike plant that will never wither. You can use it in your personal or professional place as you wish. Perfect as a tabletop decoration, near windows or entrances – the possibilities are endless. Every artificial Dune grass plant comes with the promise of beauty, longevity, and value for money.

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