Artificial Heliconia Plant
Artificial Heliconia Plant | Heliconia Tree ID# HELC96
Heliconia Tree ID# HELC96
Artificial Heliconia Plant | Heliconia Tree ID# HELC96
Heliconia Tree ID# HELC96
Artificial Heliconia Plant | Heliconia Tree ID# HELC96
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Artificial Heliconia Plant


Our Artificial Heliconia Tree is a lush and leafy tree with wide silk foliage boasting in bright greens. Our larger version shown here is a realistic rendition of the tropical tree and plant. With over 40 species, it is native to many warmer climates, adding a warm, easy, breezy feel to any landscape. The multi-stemmed potted faux Heliconia Tree pairs well with a potted plant accent adding a beautiful balance of trees and plants. Consider the Artificial Heliconia Tree for a feeling of tropical island living. Please see our case study for composition and placement ideas.
Whether you want to decorate the corporate office with a bright greenery theme, the faux Heliconia Tree from Plantscape Commercial Silk is a great choice. With these artificial heliconia trees, Plantscape Commercial Silk offers a larger version of a realistic rendition as it would give you a tropical forest-like feeling. These artificial heliconia tree pairs are multi-stemmed and potted so you can get a warm and professional appearance.
The artificial heliconia trees are approx 5′-12′ in height, so they will pleasantly add beauty to your spa, cafes, or hotel. The fake artificial heliconia trees add a beautiful balance of greenery with lush polyester foliage. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial heliconia trees are fire-retardant due to ThermaLeaf® protection. Therefore, the fire code compliance of ThermaLeaf® protection will give your relief with peace of mind.
Do you want to decorate a particular corner or a lobby of your office with a touch of lush green? Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial heliconia tree is what you are searching for. Plantscape Commercial Silk prioritizes breezy and easy feelings for every product, and the fake heliconia trees are no exception. The faux heliconia trees will add positivity with a bright green appearance to the environment.

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