Acacia Tree
Acacia Tree | Acacia Tree
Acacia Tree ID# ACAEX8
Acacia Tree | Acacia Tree ID# ACAEX8
Acacia Tree ID# ACAEX8
Acacia Tree | Acacia Tree ID# ACAEX8
Acacia Tree ID# ACAEX8
Acacia Tree | Acacia Tree ID# ACAEX8
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Acacia Tree | Hotel Project 2
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Acacia Tree | Shopping Mall Project
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Acacia Tree


The Acacia Tree is a tropical variety that grows naturally in Africa and Australia as well as in any warmer climate. This meticulously manufactured artificial Acacia Tree is designed to be an exact replication of the African Acacia tree. The artificial Acacia tree has a real wood trunk with a spectacular green canopy. Our faux Acacia Trees come in other varieties such as a windswept tree, bush form, and the artificial Acacia Bonsai Tree. Available for installation in your indoor or outdoor landscape setting, this wonderful artificial Acacia Tree will add elegance to your commercial space.
Ranging between 6′ to 26′, the artificial Acadia tree makes a great choice when adding a bit of height to your landscape decor. However, what’s most likely to attract your customers’ attention is the natural appeal of our faux Acadia tree. From the twisty natural bark to the unique shape of its leaves, our fake Acadia tree looks deceptively real like the natural tree.
Caring for our artificial Acadia tree is easy as well. The durable and premium materials make our fake Acadia tree extremely resilient and long-lasting. At the same time, our faux Acadia tree also comes with our patented PermaLeaf® protection. The superior UV resistance of our artificial Acadia tree makes it safe for outdoor settings and increases its outdoor longevity.
If you think your hotel lobby or office garden area is dull, look no further. The artificial Acadia tree from Plantscape Commercial Silk is the solution you need. The green foliage of our faux Acadia tree can add a tropical landscape to any setting you place it. Whether it’s inside or outside, our fake Acadia tree can blend in easily, making the place look stunning.

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Height 6'-26'
Foliage Polyester
Trunk Wood
permaleaf Available

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