Silk Flower Arrangements

charming, lasting beauty

Well suited for event spaces as a colorful, fresh accent

Flowers are a universal symbol of life, love, beauty, and bring a little bit of sunshine into every room they color. However, live flowers often bring wilting, drying, and fading of gorgeous colors.

Live flowers, while pretty and fragrant, only stay that way for a short time. Save yourself the expenses of preserving live plants with vibrant, permanent artificial flower arrangements. Every variety, composition, and color in our palette is at your disposal, whether you’re designing subtle accents or full green wall displays exploding with eye-catching color.

Our high-quality replica flowers use botanically researched designs and are nearly indistinguishable from their authentic counterparts without the upkeep, pests, and allergens. Far from fragile, our artificial flower arrangements instead have supernatural longevity. This is thanks to ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® technology specialized for indoor and outdoor displays. These flowers hold their color and stay perfectly poised for years.

Artificial flower arrangements also help you keep up with seasonal décor without recurring expenses. The joy of flowers comes from their freshness and the ability to change out displays frequently. When you go artificial, you’ll have re-usable flower arrangements year after year that can be combined for endless variety and value.

Our expert landscape designers and horticulturists are always excited to talk plants with you, to learn about your space and project, and help you make the best decisions with confidence.