Flowering Artificial Dogwood Tree
Flowering Artificial Dogwood Tree | Dogwood Tree, Flowering, Cherry Blossom ID# DOGT96CB
Flowering Artificial Dogwood Tree
Flowering Artificial Dogwood Tree
Flowering Artificial Dogwood Tree

Flowering Artificial Dogwood Tree


Our Artificial Flowering Dogwood tree is manufactured using Dogwood flowers, a lifelike trunk, and botanically accurate foliage. Available in several colors; we offer cherry blossom, pink-white blossom, or yellow blossoms to fit the color and character of your existing space. Each branch is adorned with multiple flowers giving the dogwood a full and lush, always-in-bloom appeal that doesn’t need sunlight, watering, or cleanup. Include this fresh and colorful element in your commercial landscape design for a persistently pleasant atmosphere your whole community can enjoy.
The artificial, ornamental dogwood tree designed by PlanScape Commercial Silk is a beautiful piece of architecture. Customizable according to your requirements, our artificial dogwood tree brings breathtaking beauty to a space. The abundant, delicate-looking flowers make a place look elegant and luxurious. Choose any color of flowers to customize the Dogwood Tree and see the magic unfold. Use the cherry blossom or yellow blossom to bring a springtime feel to your establishment. You can also use the pastel pink-white blossoms for a dash of color.
The PlantScape Commercial silk artificial Dogwood Trees will be an amazing addition to your indoor-outdoor cafe or restaurant. Or use this magnificent fake ornamental tree as a prominent piece in your garden-themed establishment. The sturdy trunk and densely flowered branches make the tree look stunningly elegant. Even a single artificial ornamental tree can make your place look brighter.
Our artificial Dogwood Tree’s trunk is made of real natural wood giving it an authentic look. The delicately elegant flowers are made of polyester which means hassle-free maintenance. We can also use fireproof materials to make the tree. Our materials are formulated using our proprietary fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® technology.

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