Egyptian Papyrus Tree ID# CRG-591GTLS
Papyrus Tree | Egyptian Papyrus Tree ID# CRG-591GTLS
Egyptian Papyrus Tree ID# CRG-591GTLS
Papyrus Tree | Egyptian Papyrus Tree ID# CRG-591GTLS
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Papyrus Tree


Our unique and eye-catching artificial Egyptian Papyrus Tree is a shining star amongst water-based trees. Showcasing its star-like silk foliage shooting off the ends of very realistic dark green reeds, the faux Papyrus Tree is similar to the King Tut Papyrus Plant we offer. A marshy plant in its native plantings is from where paper is said to have originated. The Papyrus plant will make an impression as a grouping or alongside other reed-based plants such as grasses or bamboo. Talk to a consultant today about placing water-based plants in your landscape for a refreshing change!
With its tall 5’-12′ stature, the artificial Papyrus Tree can be the pick for the corners of the room. However, what truly sets apart our fake Papyrus Tree is its deceptively real look. Our faux Papyrus Tree looks just like the natural plant with meticulous attention to detail. From its thin and long leaves to the shade of its foliage, there’s nothing to tell it apart.
In addition, the fire-retardant leaves of our Papyrus Tree prevent it from turning into a fireball and make it a safe decor choice for your office. You can also go ahead and place our faux Papyrus Tree in an indoor or outdoor setting. Our special UV protection prevents the leaves from discoloring, keeping them green for years.
It isn’t really a bad idea to add eye-catching biophilic decor to your office or commercial space. You’ll get what you’re looking for with the artificial Papyrus Tree from Plantscape Commercial Silk, from its look to its adaptability. Our faux Papyrus Tree makes an instant impact and can be the ideal conversation starter in a restaurant or cafe setting.

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Height 5'-12'
Foliage Polyester
Trunk Plastic

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