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Interior Design With Artificial Plants Trees

Interior Design With Artificial Plants & Trees

Whether you’re a big corporate headquarters or a small retail store, a large hotel chain or a theme restaurant, every space can do with some artificial greenery for interior decoration. No matter how big or small your space is or what your décor design scheme is, there are artificial flowers and plants that will blend in beautifully in your space and upgrade it instantly. From palm trees which can help you in creating a breezy tropical or coastal theme to Mediterranean style themes which can make use of colorful Orchids and other floral arrangements, Victorian-themed spaces which can make use of bonsai trees and topiaries to a desert theme which can feature gorgeous cactus and succulents, faux plants and trees can totally transform the look and feel of a space in no time. They help in setting the perfect mood in the setting. And they will do all this without any hassles.

10 Indoor Artificial Plants & Trees That Can be Used for Interior Decoration

From neglected spots to average floor plan, designers use silk plants and flowers to make the most out of a space and turn it into inviting lively spots. Almost all modern spaces involve decorating with greenery to create a pleasant, calming indoor space. And if you’re on the lookout for artificial plants for interior decoration, then here are some of our most popular ones. These are some of the most eye-catching and elegant decorations which will style up your indoor space in the most wonderful way.

Artificial Flowers

If your interior design lacks color and appeal, then artificial flowers is the best way to introduce a splash of color and energy to any setting. Flowers are fun and lively and are known to brighten things up even in the dullest indoor space. From artificial Orchids to silk Roses, faux Lilies to fake Tulips, we have some of the most exotic and charming flowers which will bring a fresh, rich look to the setting. There are also a wide range of faux floral arrangements available that will bring a mix of gorgeous flowers and colors in a room. No matter which one you choose, you can never go wrong decorating with flowers.

Silk Palm Trees

Palm Trees are some of the most calming and sculptural decorations that you can introduce in your design scheme. Apart from bringing in a tropical vibe to any interior design, they are known for their refreshing vibe and their ability to bring a soothing feel to any setting. From artificial Coconut Palm Trees to silk Sago Palm Trees, faux Fan Palm Trees to fake Foxtail Palm Trees, we have a wide range of Palm Trees which will help you create a striking design scheme.

Artificial Potted Trees

Yes, artificial plants in interior design make quite an impact, but the magnificence of artificial potted trees is something else. If you have a big space or want to increase the visual height of your design, then opt for artificial potted trees. They will make a striking impact in the setting and will catch the eye no mater where you place them.

Artificial Foliage

Cool, chic artificial foliage have the ability to instantly transform an indoor space from blah to beautiful. Their soothing color, lifelike appeal and lively vibe go a long way in piquing interest in any setting. If you’re looking to make your interior design more interesting and attractive, then just opt for some artificial greenery without any second thoughts. They will help you get the best out of your space.

Olive Tree Mediterranean

Artificial Olive Tree Mediterranean is one of our most beautiful and iconic creations reminiscent of the exoticism of the Mediterranean. Highly sculptural and elegant, these are some of the most dramatic trees which will bring luxury and sophistication to any setting. And if you think that your space is lacking that, then bring in these faux Olive Trees in your space.

Weeping Cypress Tree

If you’re looking to bring in trees with loads of personality and drama, then our artificial Weeping Cypress Trees come highly recommended. Incredibly tall, columnar trees with their characteristic ‘weeping’ boughs make for a special addition to any setting. Delightful green tones and purple accents on the needle foliage, our faux Weeping Cypress Trees will bring a northern forest appeal to any landscaping project without any hassles.

Butterfly Palm Tree

A native to Madagascar and Southern India, Butterfly Palm Tree is one of the most iconic and eye-catching palm tree varieties. Also known as Areca Palm Trees, these trees bring so much appeal and elegance to any landscape design. Featuring gorgeous palm fronds gracefully arching outwards, our artificial Butterfly Palm Trees make for a mesmerizing addition to any setting. If you’re on the lookout for elements with a stately presence, then look no further than these faux Areca Palm Trees.

Artificial Pink Cherry Blossom Tree

There are very few, in fact no, elements which can match the beauty and splendor of Cherry Blossom Trees. These springtime beauties with their pink flowers are some of the most breathtaking natural phenomena of the natural world. Our artificial pink Cherry Blossom Trees captures a similar charm and elegance. No matter where you place them in your interior design, these gorgeous trees will be an engaging presence in the setting.

Arboricola Trees

Looking for indoor artificial trees and bushes which will bring year-round interest and flair to your design? If yes, then artificial Arboricola Trees are ideal. Featuring slender, wavy multiple stems and a refreshing burst of foliage on top, our artificial Arboricola Trees are known to make any space just so enjoyable and attractive.

Locust Trees 

A native to the Southeastern part of the United States, Locust Tree is known for its sculptural value and refreshing green foliage. A multi-stemmed tree with a highly detailed trunk and lively canopy of foliage on top, artificial Locust Trees will add a cool, calm finishing touch to any landscaping project till the time to come.

Where to Buy Artificial Plants

Artificial plants and trees are known to set the perfect mood in any indoor space without any hassles of their natural counterparts. And at Commercial Silk Int’l you will get premium quality faux plants and trees for interior decorating at the best price. These are highly stylish, lifelike trees which will style up any interior space with minimal fuss. Get in touch with our highly skilled team for your artificial plants and custom artificial tree requirements.