Artificial Palm Trees

Luxurious, Relaxing, Exciting

Well suited to Luxury Hotels, Public Venues, Shopping Centers, and Bars & Clubs.

The artificial palm trees equal paradise on demand. Famous around the world for their iconic look and character, artificial tropical palm trees have become a symbol of celebration, relaxation, and positivity.

While palm trees share a lot of characteristics like their reaching, blade-like fronds, and otherworldly trunks, they also happen to be one of the most varied varieties available. Classic coconut palm trees up to forty feet tall can make an astonishing, majestic impression on your space, while the shorter, broader Sago Palm makes for a lush and classy eye-level backdrop. While the options are truly limitless, you don’t have to worry about figuring it out on your own. Whether you’re decking out a pool deck or providing a little shade for shoppers, our landscape experts will help you make the ideal decisions for your project.

Palm trees love sunlight and hot climates, which makes natural indoor palm trees difficult for many spaces. However, with weather-tough PermaLeaf® UV-Resistant foliage, there’s nowhere these fake palm trees can’t go. No watering, no cleanup, and no maintenance are required to keep these artful replicas looking brand new. Plantscape Commercial Silk has the tools and experience to create a lasting luxurious experience that doesn’t surrender to the elements.

Emphasize the biophilic movement that has the design world entranced, and create a space that speaks not only of success but also mindfulness and a nature-forward outlook on the future that communicates a modern understanding of style and sustainability. The atmosphere you present says everything about your brand, and too often that statement is beige and forgettable. Build something that people will want to return to with a calm, relaxing atmosphere.