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Artificial Boxwood Hedges as Decoration Pieces

As we continue to talk about artificial hedges and their importance to landscape design, we must also recognize the ways they have and will continue to be utilized in architecture, fashion, and prestigious events.

Living foliage is something that has been used countless times as a way of displaying class and sophistication and is still being used more and more as celebrities have become as popular as ever worldwide but especially in the western world. When thinking about these events such as The Grammys, Super Bowl interviews, and the Oscars we do not make an effort to look at the setting surrounding the celebrities, but if we did we could easily see boxwood hedges and their influence. These events always have some greenery as a backdrop, and it makes the celebrities appearance that much more appealing from a visual aesthetic standpoint. Using an artificial boxwood hedge wall backdrop is something that the set designers and producers for these large galas utilize, as it is a less expensive alternative and is faster than growing and maintaining authentic boxwood. Plantscape Commercial Silk has supplied to these events with our faux boxwood, juniper, azalea, ivy, and pearl grass screens and hedges. One major event that requested our expertise is the U.S. Open, which again used these products as a backdrop for photoshoots with the celebrities. With our efficient workforce and knowledge of the industry as a leader for the past 30 plus years, we can make any event shine with our fake boxwood hedge pieces.

As a Decoration Piece, Artificial Hedges and Screens Find Their Way into Many Different Events That Are Not Limited to Just Celebrities.

Backdrops made from fake boxwood hedges also get their use from famous model events hosted by fashion designers such as Versace, Chanel, and Christian Dior, to name a few. With big names like this at the head of the fashion industry, you know they rely on quality visuals and pictures to make their clothes stand out and make them seem as trendy as possible. This is why these brand have become so popular because due to the amount of effort put into the design and finding the right body to showcase it if the pictures can’t be perfect enough to reach the rest of the world all of that is done in vain.

Using artificial boxwood hedge is a simple and effective way to get the perfect picture for these world-renowned designers, and using the specific products we can assure them that they contain all the realistic details as the authentic foliage. Using either artificial juniper screens or fake azalea hedges, these designers get the luxury of not having to find authentic hedges that are already grown and pruned and can get these products straight from us built to their exact specifications. As a backdrop, artificial boxwood screens tend to be more effective decoration piece because they are rigid and easily moveable from stage to stage. Our faux boxwood hedges come with bases that can be put on carts and rolled easily enough as well, but screens tend to be the more popular decoration piece for these situations. Whatever piece you are looking at using as a decoration piece you can know when you purchase artificial boxwood foliage from Commercial Silk that you are getting a top-quality product that is built to last.

Let’s Now Talk About Weddings

If the first two paragraphs did not resonate with you in any way, then this surely will. Weddings are hands down the most significant moments we as individuals can experience, and they require more planning than most of us realize when we start to look towards that big day. A simple way to make the decor for your wedding stand out to the people you invite, and help you compete with others in your circle who are planning weddings as well, it’s to install a faux boxwood hedge. This simple decoration piece will most definitely bring an aura of sophistication and classiness to your wedding that quite frankly can’t be duplicated. Imagine having your professional backdrop for photos just like they have at fashion and award shows; this is all possible through the use of faux boxwood hedges. Decoration pieces can be simple, and you can make our screens or hedges into any size you need, so if you are looking for a unique backdrop that is a definite possibility.

Not only can these be used just as a backdrop, but many wedding planners have used them as a way to hang up announcements or the bride and groom’s names adding flair to the already beautiful decor in the display. The great benefit for people using these faux boxwood hedges for their wedding is that they do not need to be treated with any of our special treatments since they’re most likely going to be used just once and then put someplace safe for the next big event. If you’re worried about the safety of the product and it’s durability then no need to worry, Commercial Silk has developed treatments to keep these decoration pieces long-lasting and safe. ThermaLeaf will keep it fire-resistant for those designers who need to stay within the law (New York especially), and PermaLeaf is our treatment used when you need the product to last outdoors for many years. Please contact us and speak to a specialized project manager for more details on these treatments, we will go into more depth on the technology in later blog entries.

With artificial boxwood foliage made into hedges, screens, and fake privacy hedges, you can have a decoration piece that is the epitome of class. With the expertise of Commercial Silk and our experience within the industry, we can build exactly what you need. We create longer-lasting decoration pieces out of our faux boxwood foliage that is proven time and time again to be more beneficial than the authentic plant. Contact us today to get in touch with a project manager and begin to see the endless possibilities of decor pieces you can create with faux boxwood foliage.