Artificial Boxwood Hedges

There aren’t a lot of ways to build a giant wall between you and your neighbor without putting out the message that you’re just tired of looking at them – there’s a reason “brick wall” is so widely used. An artificial boxwood hedge provides a unique solution to this problem, by offering privacy that looks great from both sides of the fence.

Artificial boxwood privacy hedge walls are a great way to divide up large open areas, indoors or outdoors, by creating geometric masses that guide foot traffic and hide lines of sight between areas. When you install a 12-foot hedge to keep street-level eyes away from your pool deck, you’re also adding a vibrant celebration of life and greenery to the space within and without. Whereas stone and wood structures may communicate a fortress-like appeal for privacy, boxwood privacy hedges are natural and subtle and can go virtually unnoticed as they tend to blend in with the natural environment.

Planting anything outdoors can feel like a big gamble – in the event of a drought, hurricane, or too much rain, an investment in live plants could go belly-up in a single season with poor luck. Nothing natural beats the supreme durability of our PermaLeaf® UV-resistant outdoor foliage, the perfect choice for fade-free, long-lasting outdoor privacy hedges. Indoor walls, hedges, and dividers also have access to our ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant foliage, meaning you never have to worry about code compliance ruining your project.