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Bathroom Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Bathroom layout planning is more important than you think. Most of the people focus on the decoration part and miss out on significant layout hacks creating a beautiful yet dysfunctional bathroom. Before getting into other things, layout planning is very important. You need to have a good estimate of the area of your bathroom depending on which you decide on the elements that can go in your bathroom and the elements that cannot go in your bathroom. Once you are set with this, following are the tips and tricks that help you with the not-to-do list.


Proper ventilation is of paramount importance in the bathroom. You cannot afford to have stale and soggy air in your bathroom. It breeds any diseases and affects the health in unforeseen ways. More than ventilation, cross ventilation is required in order to avoid any mildew formation. So, keeping an exhaust or ventilator should be the first thing on your mind while planning your bathroom. Next, the window. Most people build the bathroom with just a ventilator; they forget to put another source of fresh air. The best possible way to create your bathroom is to make sure that you get at least a couple of hours of natural sunlight. If the sunlight is not possible, as is in many cases, then just make sure that you have cross ventilated your bathroom with a window placed not too high up on the wall.


This includes not just the faucets and the shower but the piping and the drainage system too. You need to make sure that you have enough water pressure for your shower and faucets. Many people ignore this little detail and struggle with their flushes and drainages throughout. Also, the material is crucial while choosing your fixtures; you do not want them to catch rust or other oxidized layers in the longer run. Some people also choose the size and design of the fixtures in contrast with the overall layout of your bathroom.


You need not put all the things in your bathroom that you desire if the bathroom space does not allow it. In this regard, you have to keep in mind the size of your washbasin, commode, and bathing area. Many people make the mistake of installing a small size bathtub in a small bathroom area just to satiate their desires. The result of which is not having enough space to move around in the bathroom. Hence, you should be careful enough to give yourself some room around the basin, commode, and bathing area. The door of the bathroom should open without any obstructions and should not cover any other area in the bathroom while open.


Another mishap that people do is by not putting any plants in your bathroom. Plants are great at cleansing the air besides giving a natural fragrance to the room. Aloe Vera, lucky bamboo, begonia, and Boston fern are one of the most admired bathroom plants. Most of them do not even need a direct sunlight source. The options are many. Plants also add the much-needed aesthetic sense to the bathroom and calm your mind. Plants also bring good luck to you when placed according to Feng-Shui, even if kept in the bathroom. But, if you lack the green thumb, then there is a solution for you. You can always opt for the artificial alternative. They offer great varieties and require the least of maintenance. If you have enough space in the bathroom then having an artificial plant wall is a great idea. Artificial topiary trees are also useful to place near your basin.


Always go for layered lighting for your bathroom because one type of light does not serve all your purposes in the bathroom. Have general lighting for the whole bathroom, task lighting for face wash, brushing, shaving, and makeup, and mood lighting for unwinding after a hard day of work. More importantly, make sure that your lighting is IP graded which makes it safe for bathroom use. And, before getting into any of that plan your fixtures and switches carefully enough to ensure that they are nowhere near the source of water unless you want to get electrocuted.


Having enough storage space in your bathroom is also one of the most neglected areas in the planning. All the items needed in the bathroom should be in close vicinity to you. You cannot afford to keep going back to your bedroom every time you need something. Have shelves, cupboard as well as hooks placed around the bathroom at appropriate places for your towels and clothes and other toiletries. Also, keep your cupboard well lighted in order to avoid any clumsiness at night.


Many people do the mistake of putting wallpapers in their bathrooms which is a disaster unless you opt for the water-resistant ones. Even the paint and whitewash should be water-resistant otherwise the walls will start to chip off. While choosing the color, pastels would be a better option as they make the room look more spacious and brighter. Nonetheless, the color should complement your fixtures and the colors of the tiles.


Of all things, you surely do not want to miss on the décor for the bathroom. Imitation logs and artificial tree branches are one of the best modern-day sculptures that you can choose from besides the metal and ceramic ones available in the market. You can also have your own handmade show-pieces and Feng-shui for the bathroom. It is also a good idea to put lively pictures in the bathroom, not your own or family member’s pictures.