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sugar maple trees

Decorative Artificial Maple trees and Maple leaves can add Northwoods charm and character to any interior or exterior design project. Typically, Maple trees have smooth bark and are responsible for the bright orange and red light shows we see during the autumn foliage season. By using longstanding production techniques, decorative artificial Maple trees and silk Maple leaves can be made to look just like the real thing.

Decorative Maple Tree Terms:

Sugar Maple Tree, Red, Japanese, Trident, Amur, Field, Ashleaf, Silver, Flowering, Crimson, Autumn Blaze, Norway, Paperback, Weeping, Black, Mountain, Big Leaf, Chalk, Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Vine, etc.

Decorative Maple Leaves Description

Maple trees are classified in the family Aceraceae, and there are approximately 129 different species. Most grow from 30′ to 70′ in height. The Maple tree bark begins smooth but soon becomes brown and rough, splitting into lengthwise crevices. They shed their Maple leaves at the end of the growing season and propagate through winged seeds that spin towards the ground like helicopters. Interestingly, the trees are self-pollinating, and some flower clusters are even able to pollinate themselves.

Maple leaves are known for their symmetry, and most are veined and lobed. The leaves vary in size by sorts: some are only an inch or so across, while others can be as long as six or more inches. Young leaves tend to be bright crimson in color, which will then fade into a deep green as they mature. Decorative Fake Maple tree leaves can be made in any size, shape, and color seen in the natural world.

Silk Maple Leaves Geography

Maple trees and leaves are versatile and can grow almost anywhere, but they are most common in the United States and Canada, with the luminous Red Maple leaf emblazoned on the Canadian flag. Maple trees are also native to Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa. Although they are solid and can withstand many different climates, they typically are found in cooler climates with moist air and sandy, well-drained soil. In cooler climates, Maple leaves prefer full sun, and the benefits of silk Maple leaves include withstanding years of sunlight, meaning they will not fade or discolor.

Decorative Maple Tree Uses

Faux Maple trees have many uses. The wood of Maple trees is an excellent source of fuel and can be made into high-quality charcoal. Furniture is usually made from strong, fine-grained wood. The sap of the Sugar Maple is tapped and then boiled to produce Maple syrup. Sugar Maples are also known to make great bowling lanes and pins, pool cues, and baseball bats. Most violins, cellos, basses, and guitars are made from Maple tree wood, as are bassoons, woodwind instruments, and drums. Of course, Maple trees make for exceptional decorative items, such as whole trees or just the vibrant and well-shaped Maple leaves.