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    Different Types of Artificial Palm Trees for Outdoor Landscaping

    There are very few trees which can match the warmth, charm, and fantasy of Palm Trees. They bring so much style and beauty to any landscape design. With their stately trunks, shapely leaves, arching fronds, and tranquil vibe, these are some of the most exotic elements which will make quite an impression in any setting. Simply put – Palm Trees have a certain iconic presence about them which brings a sense of comfort and sophistication to any space. There are more than 2,600 species of palm trees and there’s surely one which will blend in beautifully in your landscaping project and conjure balmy, tropical vibes in the setting.

    7 Types of Artificial Palm Trees for Outdoor Landscape

    From outdoor artificial Banana Palm Trees to outdoor silk Coconut Palm Trees, outdoor faux Areca Palm Trees to outdoor fake Kentia Palm Trees, we have a large selection of some of the most eye-catching palm trees which will make a stunning statement in your space. Here we round up our most popular outdoor fake palm trees which will help you in selecting some for your commercial space landscape.

    Fan Palm Trees

    These are known as fan palm trees because of the distinctive shape of their leaves which resemble a fan. Since these palm trees are smaller as compared to other varieties, they are perfect for use in landscape projects which do not require much height. A great way to bring a refreshing vibe to any outdoor landscape without any hassle, we have artificial fan palm trees which will be engaging presence in the setting till time to come.


    Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees: Buyers Guide

    Coconut Palm Trees

    Our collection of outdoor artificial coconut palm trees is one of our most iconic and eye-catching one. These are some of the largest trees available and will make a striking statement no matter where you place them. Featuring glorious replica coconuts, rustic and sturdy-looking trunk supporting graceful fronds, our artificial coconut palm trees will bring so much joy and drama to any setting. These are incredibly gorgeous elements which will make your landscape more relaxing and tranquil season after season.

    Cycas Palm Trees

    Cycas palms are highly ornamental plants which are known for their fresh vibe and flair. Since, they grow more than 6 meters high, they are highly suited for compact spaces or smaller landscape projects. Featuring beautiful, long, green fronds, outdoor artificial cycas palm trees are known to bring loads of personality and appeal to any design. Since, they grow really slowly and require a lot of care and patience, the artificial rendition of cycas palms are extremely popular and make for a beautiful presence in any setting.

    Tropical Palm Trees

    Whether you’re looking to create a tropical landscape in your commercial space or want to conjure up balmy, sunny vibe in your space, nothing will do it better than our collection of outdoor artificial tropical trees. These are some of the most exquisite and intriguing trees around which bring a feel-good factor to any setting. No matter how or where you introduce them, artificial palm trees are a big favorite and everyone loves them. Just introduce some in your landscaping project and you’ll have a space where everyone loves spending their time in.

    Sago Palm Trees

    Sago palm trees are often associated with a lot of care and are a huge chore. But they’re also highly ornamental trees which bring a lot of character and flair to a setting. Hence, the outdoor artificial sago palm tree collection is one of our most popular ones. Not only will they add a cool, calm touch to any landscaping project, but they have an inviting vibe which will make your space much more appealing and elegant. Our outdoor artificial sago palm trees are incredibly chic and cozy elements which will ensure that you have a rejuvenating and highly pleasing space season after season.

    Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees with Lights

    If you’re one for glitz and glamour, then our collection of outdoor artificial palm trees with lights is for you. Whether you’re looking to prep up your commercial space for the holiday season, special event or just to bring more appeal to the setting, these are all you need. Our lighted artificial palm trees will give you a special, exciting landscape design without any hassle.

    Fishtail Palm Trees

    Fishtail palm trees are some of the most intriguing palm trees around. They are called so because of their leaf shape that resembles the lower fin of a fish. As such, our collection of outdoor artificial fishtail palm trees make for highly exciting introductions in any setting. Extremely stylish, refined elements which will help you create a timeless landscape design, we have some of the most sophisticated fishtail palm trees that will give your space a lively, refreshing twist without any fuss.

    Buy Perfect Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees from Commercial Silk

    There are very few elements which can bring the soothing, calming influence to a space than palm trees. In these stressful times where you need tranquil spaces to make you feel better, these are highly essential elements. They are known to rejuvenate the senses and bring a cool, cozy look to the setting. And our collection of outdoor faux palm trees will help you do just that. They will cheer up your entire space with their warmth and comfy feel. We have some of the most graceful, eye-catching and lifelike artificial palm trees which will elevate the look and feel of the entire setting. Buy our palm trees, bring them home and you’ll be absolutely thrilled at their impact.