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Fake Cactus Plants & Flowers Bring Life to Desert Landscape Arrangements

Fake cactus plants and flowers can add a splash of color and personality to desert landscape arrangements for both indoor and outdoor applications, especially when combined with other enchanting desert elements like sand, withered tree branches, and old rocks shaped and scarred by ancient flowing rivers.

Artificial succulent arrangements Cacti species have always held elements of danger and mystery for many people. They flourish where nothing else can grow. You can drink water from some, yet some are poisonous, and only a seasoned adventurer, it seems, can tell the difference. Plus those prickly pins are always a little intimidating. These features, together with the many odd shapes and colors of various cacti species, make for interesting plants and flowers. Fortunately, artificial cacti and succulents can be just as believable.

For retail environments like Cabela’s, an outdoor sporting goods company with retail locations throughout the South and Midwest, artificial habitats with fake cacti enhance the shopping experience — they provide engaging themes and educational opportunities while reinforcing brand imagery at the point of purchase.

Larger fake cactus plants can be used for privacy screens, outdoor view framing and fencing, view terminating structures, and many other functions for office buildings, hospitals, and more.

Fake habitat with cactus plants In addition to fake cactus, using artificial animals that are indigenous to the landscape you are trying to replicate will go a long way toward making a project feel authentic. In the images shown here, you’ll see Diamondback snakes and Pronghorn Antelope common in western North American deserts. Along with your cacti, you might be enticed to throw in a little tumbling tumbleweed to top it all off.

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