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10 Artificial Indoor Plants That Look Wow on Office Desks

Does your office desk look dull and empty? A touch of green can definitely do wonders for you.

Indoor plants are real mood boosters and can improve office productivity to a great extent. The question is whether to use artificial plants or the real ones.

The answer is simple. Ask yourself, are you really good at taking care of your plants? If not, artificial plants are your solution.

Your fake office plants does not require frequent watering or maintenance. You can just put it on the desk or even the darkest corner of your office, and it will thrive.

Let us now look into some artificial indoor office plants that are best for your office desk.

Silk flowering plants

The Azalea potted silk flowering plants come in different shades of colors like pink, pink white and white. They come in a potted base container and are perfect for your office desk. Azalea bonsai flowers in plastic pots can be kept at the reception table. They are really delightful and charming and come in various shapes and sizes.

They are perfect for display in hospitality spaces, commercial or exhibitions. They are lifelike and add a burst of color to the surroundings.

Artificial hibiscus plant

Are you looking for that perfect décor that will accessorize your office desk space? Well, Plastic hibiscus flowering plant looks exactly like real flowers. They come in four different shades of hot pink, red, tangerine and yellow.

Their extremely vibrant and polished look can evoke a sense of charm in an office setting. They are welcoming and stylish and come in colorful pots.

Jasmine plant

Artificial flowering jasmine foliage plant is perfect for that big reception table down the corner of your office.

They come in two varieties of colors, salmon, and white. The shiny oval-shaped leaves are accompanied by a beautiful cluster of flowers. The foliage is made of pure polyester and can withstand any weather condition. You can even place them beside the window. They look adorable and you can hardly distinguish them from real plants.

Bamboo plants

Plastic pot-based oriental bamboo plants are best for big office desks. They are fairly large in size and can be custom made also.

The handcrafted natural wood trunk looks authentic and real. They are quite charming and the thin green leaves look fresh and sleek.

The best part of bamboo plants is that they look great in all seasons and their natural finish will never fade away.

Fiddle leaf fig trees

Go green. Buy some Faux fiddle leaf fig trees. Their shiny green leaves look real and beautiful in any setting. They will definitely brighten up any office space. They are tall and can be put just beside the office desk.

The dense green beautiful leaves are super shiny and do not require regular dusting. Keep it beside the entrance, the window or your office desk. It is your choice.

Pencil Cactus

If you are that person who thinks flowering plants are simply boring and outdated. You can definitely go for some innovative new realistic fake plants that are in the market.

Pencil Cactus plant will add a new dimension and creativity to your office desk. The plant is leafless with pencil-sized green branches that are artistically designed and come in a decorative pot.

They are minimal and slender and are absolutely perfect for that small office desk of yours. They will add authenticity to your boutique space or any other commercial space.

Coastal Live Oak Bush

Want to give that coastal look to your office? Try the new artificial live oak bush plant for your office. They are made of natural wood stems and are available in two colors, vibrant green, and fall.

They can be as small as 20 inches to 6 feet high or they can be custom made according to your requirements. You can go for lush green leaves or try the fall colors, whichever suits your mood.

The foliage is made of polyester and comes in a colored base pot. They will complement your background landscape and add color and elevate your senses.

Bonsai silk tree

Who doesn’t like cherry blossoms? Now the beauty of Japan is just at your doorstep.

The Cherry Blossom Bonsai silk tree is just 15 inches tall and looks really cute on office tables. They are beautiful to look at and the light pink pastel colors and can uplift your mood at any time.

They come with their own decorative pot which does not require any maintenance. They will add color as well as bring a sense of tranquility to your office space. Just imagine your client walking in and getting a first look at those tender pink petals. You will definitely make an impression.

Fake Succulents

Exotic flowers are cliché. Why not think original and do something new? Artificial succulent plants come with unique unconventional designs. If you have a designer store, succulent plants will be a great choice.

They come in bold designs and gorgeous hues. They are perfect for your desktop if you want to be imaginative and creative. If you want to create a desert theme for your office, you can definitely try this.

Boxwood Hedges

Artificial topiary, faux boxwood panels looks versatile and gives direction to your office space. They are not overpowering and create a friendly and calm atmosphere.

They are perfect for any corporate office, retail store, healthcare, or even entertainment industry. They are not loud and have a tranquil nature and as such are extremely good for senior living spaces or hospitals.

Their lush green polyester foliage looks natural and soothing to the eyes.


Plants real or fake always elevates energy and increase productivity to a great extent. Employees often get agitated or bored due to increased work pressure in the office. A hint of nature adds to the visual appeal as well as overcomes psychological barriers.

Real plants look fresh and appealing but are cumbersome to maintain in today’s modern lifestyle. Artificial floor plants not only brighten up your space but can survive harsh UV rays, dust and grime and does not require much maintenance. They are in fact save budget and look exactly replicas of real plants.