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Real Looking Artificial Plants

No commercial space design or home interiors is complete without plants in them. In fact, plants have become one of the most important design components without which a décor lacks personality and refreshing character. Modern-day greenery has evolved from its notorious ugliness of the past and has become quite special and attractive. They add a finishing touch to the setting and are known to instantly revamp any dull, weary room or corner with their presence. Simply put – Artificial plants and trees are no longer their 80s self with icky build and plastic-like appearance. They are botanically accurate, highly luxurious with rustic trunks and sculptural leaves and flowers, and bring life to any design scheme.

Although these faux plants and trees are quite realistic, you can do a lot of things to make them look even more real. From optimum placement to anchoring them in the dirt, from mixing them up with real plants to regular cleaning, there’s a lot you can do to make your faux foliage look real. However, there are some fake trees that look absolutely real on their own. They do not require any special effort or trick to make an impression. If you’re looking for such realistic artificial plants and trees to add to your landscaping project or empty spaces, then we have compiled the below list. (Do note that we’re talking about a few groups of plants and trees which have quite realistic features as their real counterparts.)

Best Fake Plants and Trees that Look Real


Fake cacti and succulents have a plastic-like aesthetic. Hence, it is really difficult to tell which planter contains the real thing from the fake one. Apart from looking lifelike, these are some of the sleekest and bold plant choices to have around. From artificial Agave Plants to faux Sedum, fake Echeveria to fake Kalanchoe, we have some of the most whimsical succulents which will enliven any design scheme. And if you want some desert beauties in your commercial space, then you can opt for one or all of artificial column cactus, faux churro cactus, fake barrel cactus, finger cactus, or saguaro cactus, and more. No matter which one you opt for, they look incredibly realistic and will fill your space with excitement

Palm Trees

Palm Trees with their thin stems or stately trunks, gracefully arching green fronds and tranquil vibe are easy to replicate. Artificial Palm trees are some of the most popular ones found in most design schemes and are pictures of tropical paradise. From artificial Phoenix Palm Trees to silk Areca Palm Trees, faux Cycas Palm Trees to fake Rhapis Palm Trees, Date Palm Trees to Coconut Palm Trees, there’s so much to choose from. With our realistic artificial Palm Trees you can be assured of a rejuvenating and calm interior design without any fuss.

Hanging Baskets and Bushes

There are very few decorative elements which can match the charm and flair of hanging baskets and bushes. The sight of colorful flowers oozing out of a basket or cascading from the roof makes for a highly picturesque viewing. And since they’re at a height, away from the touch and close sight of people, you can get away with artificial flower hanging baskets masquerading as real ones. From artificial Bougainvillea hanging baskets to silk Geranium hanging baskets, faux philodendron hanging baskets to fake pothos hanging bush, raspberry hanging bush to amaranthus hanging bush, we have some of the most unique and realistic hanging flower baskets and bushes which will absolutely light up your design scheme.

Orchid Flower Arrangements

Usually people complain that artificial flowers are too flashy. They say that the flowers are too bright and look far away from the real thing. But, that’s the USP of Orchids. They’re extremely stylish, bright-colored, exotic, full of flair decorations, which makes it hard to make out real Orchids from fake ones. From Phalaenopsis to Dancing Orchids, Vanda to Cattleya Orchids, there are multiple Orchid varieties available in delightful colors to suit your color scheme as well as style preferences. No matter which one you opt for, you are assured of a chic, exotic display season after season.

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees have to be a part of your commercial space if you’re looking to make a stylish statement in the setting without giving up on precious real estate. From shelves to desks, they can be placed anywhere to keep the space from feeling boring and stark. And since these are miniature decorations, it is hard to tell the real one from fake. From artificial Cedar Bonsai Trees to silk Japanese Ficus to faux Tea Leaf Bonsai Trees, there are some of the most iconic and appealing ones available that will give you a special, real display without any hassles.

Boxwood Topiaries

Boxwood has been a part of our gardens since centuries now. The perfectly pruned shapes and styles of Boxwood Topiaries do make them look fake. So, why not go fake? There are so many different Boxwood varieties to choose from and in different shapes. From Boxwood Ball Topiaries to Boxwood Square Column Topiaries, Boxwood Spiral Topiaries, Boxwood Cone Topiaries, Boxwood Pyramid Topiaries to Boxwood Triangular Topiaries, there are immaculately shaped and styled topiaries which look absolutely real.

Buy Most Realistic Artificial Plants from Commercial Silk

Highly lifelike, majestic, and beautiful, that’s how we and our customers describe our collection of realistic artificial plants and trees. Above listed are some of the most lifelike artificial plants that will require eagle-eyed people or touch to make out if they’re real or not. Just pick up some of them and you’ll have an absolutely stylish, pleasing design till times to come. Our collection of silk plants and trees look real and will give you a spectacular setting without any hassle.