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How to Clean Artificial Plants and Trees

Cleaning Your Silk Plants and Trees

Artificial greenery works best in any design scheme devoid of charm and interest. Fake plants are fantastic for any space that could do with a pop of refreshing color and appeal. And the best part about them is that they bring all the style and serenity to space without any hassles. This is why they have become so popular in the design world and are office essentials. They are decorations of choice for people blessed with the art of killing plants with neglect and for businesses that want attractive surroundings without devoting too much time and resources.

Importance of Taking Care of Artificial Plants and Trees

Over time, artificial plants, trees, and flowers attract dust and become dirty. However, caring for faux plants and trees is comparatively easier and less time-consuming than their real counterparts. You need little yet timely maintenance to clean artificial plants and trees and once you’re done they will look as rejuvenating and as chic as they did the day you unboxed and installed them.

The leaves, petals, and even stems of artificial plants and flowers tend to lose their sheen over time as dust collects over them. Proper cleaning techniques and regular upkeep are needed to keep them at their refreshing best and make them last for an extended period. Here is an easy guide with a few simple tips on how to clean silk plants.

Best Way to Clean Fake Plants

Step 1: Pick Away Debris

Due to high traffic or wind, strong pressure, or any other reason, some leaves or petals or even stems may fall off or get stuck in your plant or flower arrangement. Pick away any piece of debris you come across and keep your faux tree or plant clean and tidy. You will also come across some debris in the plant container. Pick them and discard them.

Step 2: Dusting with Soft-Bristle Paintbrush

Regular cleaning and dusting once a week is highly recommended with the help of a soft-bristle paintbrush. Begin cleaning your silk plant or faux flower arrangement from the top and work your way to the bottom so that the dirt does not fall on the parts you’ve cleaned before. Gently brush each part of the leaf, petal, and stem until they’re clean. The best part about using a paintbrush for this purpose is that they tend to be far gentler than the likes of feather dusters and other dusting equipment and are really efficient when it comes to cleaning difficult nooks and corners of delicate foliage. If you don’t dust the plants regularly, then it will form a rigid layer on the foliage and will become hard to remove.

Step 3: Blowing Compressed Air

Blowing compressed air (using a hairdryer set to cool) all over your plant or tree is the fastest and easiest way of cleaning your artificial plants. It is a far simpler method as compared to the paintbrush one. If you can easily transform your fake plant or tree outdoors, then the spraying of compressed air should take place there as the process blows dust everywhere and will make your entire space a dusty mess. If you cannot move your foliage, then make sure that you cover everything in the vicinity with a cover or a bed sheet, and then proceed. 

Step 4: Using a Damp Cloth

If your artificial plant or tree has developed marks or stains on them or they have some stubborn dirt layer, then you can use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Before using water on your plants, make sure that you check it for colorfastness. Wipe a small part of the leaf with the damp cloth and observe the spot for any fading. Do not dip the cloth in any cleaning solution or harsh chemical which will make the color of the plant and flowers fade. Only water must be used for cleaning purposes. Once done, use a kitchen towel to dry the foliage. This will avoid any breakage and will get rid of the shiny finish.

Step 5: Cleaning the Container of the Potted Plant or Tree

Plant containers can be easily cleaned with a cloth. You can also vacuum the planter of the artificial plant or tree with the hose of the vacuum cleaner. Planters are made of different materials. In the case of delicate ones or LED planters, just gently dust them to remove any dust.

Neglecting plants will definitely cause their downfall in real as well as faux plants and trees. Artificial greenery looks like the real thing without any watering or pruning, but that doesn’t mean you can put them away for months. A little care and cleaning of artificial trees and leaves will go a long way in maintaining their aura and appeal. Just a few minutes every week will give you a polished artificial plant which in turn will keep your design scheme interesting and refined.