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There are very few garden elements that are as soothing and comforting as Moss. This mysterious natural element brings such delightful color and texture to any landscape. No wonder Moss has found a place in our interior design in more forms than one over the last few years.  Emerging from Moss, Moss Art is now a trend. Moss Art in décor conjures up feelings of calm, mystery, and nurture. Although it might sound difficult to create, it really is quite easy to make. All you need is some Preserved Moss, glue, and a substrate. Oh, and some creativity wouldn’t go amiss.

DIY Moss Art Frame

Moss is the green, lush canvas of nature, upon which lovely color palettes come to life. The color expression possibilities are endless. If you’d like to add real nature into your office or commercial space then sit back and relish without any additional maintenance with preserved moss and dried moss accessories on green wall decor that will likely be installed indoors. Here’s what you need: an empty photo frame, preserved moss, dried accessories such as dried twigs, bark shavings or dried seed pods, glue, pebbles (optional), and any other decorations of your choice. 

  • Start creating the Moss Art Frame by removing the glass panel from the frame. Now, you can create your art directly on the plywood or if you want, you can insert a sheet of paper and use it as the backdrop.
  • Plan the art – Before you start gluing the materials, lay them out on the backdrop, and visualize your Moss art. Once you’re confident about where everything should go, start gluing.
  • We recommend you use Preserved Moss for rich colors and realistic texture. SPD offers Preserved Moss and Faux Moss in various varieties, styles and forms so choose the one that best suits your vision. You could also color some pieces of Moss to create a unique masterpiece.
  • Combine the Moss, dried twigs, bark shavings, seed pods, and everything you would like to include in your moss wall art.
  • The best part of this DIY Moss Art Frame is that it is a cakewalk when it comes to maintenance. You just have to occasionally dust it and that’s it. 

DIY Moss Panels

DIY Moss Panels are extremely easy to create. All you need to do is glue some Preserved Moss or Faux Moss on durable corrugated plastic sheets and then install them on your substrates. 

Moss Signs and Logos

The best thing about Preserved Moss and Fake Moss is that they look incredibly rich and realistic and offer great versatility without any upkeep issues. You could cut these Moss sheets into various shapes and letters and then merge them to create attractive signs and logos. 

Colorful Moss Art

You could either opt for Colored Moss or you can paint the Preserved Moss or Fake Moss available in the market. And you can do so much with colored moss. From creating a beach scene or fall scene to a colorful field, the design possibilities with colored Moss are endless. You are assured of absolutely stunning and picturesque art using colored moss. 

Moss Animals

Draw a silhouette of any animal of your choice on the walls or any other substrate, cut and glue  Preserved Moss on it and you’re all set. You could also color your Moss to give it a more realistic appeal and details. 

Moss Art is a form of biophilic interior design where you integrate natural elements and materials into your interior design. You can do so much with Preserved Moss in your design to create a sense of well-being. It is so easy to create and the benefits of Moss Art are simply endless.