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17 Beautiful Moss Wall Ideas

Moss maybe millions of years old, but this captivating and mysterious design plant is still going strong in interior designs. Artists, architects, and designers are experimenting with this versatile plant to craft unique and creative designs. Incredibly artsy and decorative, Moss can be used to create Moss walls in various forms and styles that will give you a lively and inventive design scheme. Apart from creating a beautifully calming and uplifting indoor environment, you can create Moss walls that will give you a highly picturesque setting. Below are 17 absolutely stunning moss wall ideas that will instantly elevate the look and feel of your commercial space.

Branded Moss Walls

Your visual identity created in the smooth, velvety and soothing Moss. Do we need to say more? A great way to breathe life into your brand image, Moss logos work brilliantly for every business, small or large. No matter what color, shape or lettering you’re looking for, Moss logos can be created to help your business stand out.

Moss Wall Panels

Moss wall panels are ideal for small as well as large installations in reception areas, conference rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, and more. Whether you’re trying to mask unsightly views in the area or you’re looking to refresh the setting, Moss wall panels will add a powerful dose of liveliness to it.

Moss Maps

One great way to bring interest and at the same time satisfy the craving for eye-catching, serene greenery in space is through creating attractive Moss maps. You could either create a map of your business presence, your state, or even the entire world and make a lofty impression to space.

Moss Wall Signage

Create eye-catching and memorable wall signage using Moss. From directions to room names to department names to custom signs, Moss wall signage will instantly take bland lettering to the next level and at the same time decorate the setting. Moss wall signage is attractive with a generous side of whimsy.

Moss Frames

Whether you’re looking to create a cool, calm retreat or you’re searching for ways to display your photos, certificates, and other memories in style, Moss frames are the way to go. Groupings of circular or square frames will make the space more relaxing and cooler.

Moss Walls in Conference Rooms

Since conference room activities can get quite tense, a great way to inject a cool, calm vibe in it is by installing a preserved moss wall. It will prep up the overwhelming, chaotic conference room in no time. Elements which will instantly take a boring room from meh to mesmerizing, moss walls will make for a standout addition.

Moss Walls in Reception Areas

The reception area is the first thing that visitors encounter and offers a great opportunity to make a positive first impression on them. And what’s better than a soothing, smooth moss wall to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. A well-designed, attractive moss wall or Moss logos in the reception area will set the overall tone for your brand’s ethos and culture.

Moss Wall Art

Too often you’ll come across entryways and lobbies that are absolutely bland. This is a wasted opportunity as you can do so much in these areas. Moss walls in the entryway and lobbies will not only make your space seem interesting and cool, but it will have a wonderfully calming influence on the visitors. A mix of different colored Moss will go a long way in creating an absolutely vibrant lobby and entryway.

Storage Units with Moss Panels

Every business space has loads of furniture serving a practical purpose. More often than not, you have storage units and shelves that are completely unused and hence can be covered in Moss. Moss panels in storage units and shelves will not just catch the eye but bring great character to your space.

Moss Accent Walls

Whether you have a damaged or imperfect wall that needs masking or a completely dour, neutral space that needs some spark, Moss accent walls are ideal. They will not just hide flaws in your space but will perk up a dull, boring setting. The easiest way to add a cool, tranquil finishing touch to the room, Moss accent walls will add just the right amount of personality and rich appeal to the space.

Preserved Moss Walls

Maintenance Free Preserved Moss Walls are ideal for any commercial space that needs to create a timeless interior design without any hassles or extensive costs. Made from real moss that is preserved using various processes, preserved moss walls will give you a special, engaging design scheme which does not require regular upkeep.

Vertical Moss Gardens

If your commercial space lacks a pleasing view, then you can create one indoors with a striking vertical garden consisting of various Moss varieties and other greenery if required. Practical, show-stopping elements that will ensure you lovely, picturesque views season after season, vertical moss gardens will soak up all the anxiety from your space and soothe the setting.

Colorful Moss Walls

If you’re a fan of colors and want an energetic vibe flowing through your commercial space, then colorful moss walls are for you. Preserved Moss can be easily dyed in your corporate colors to give you colorful moss walls that are full of appeal and share’s your brands culture. Colorful Moss Walls offer a great way to add a splash of color to the setting and brighten things up.

Assorted Moss Walls

Reindeer Moss is usually the preferred Moss when it comes to creating Moss Walls but if you’re looking to bring various textures and forms in your space, then opt for an Assorted Moss Wall. From Spanish Moss to Reindeer Moss to Sphagnum Moss, you could mix the different varieties of preserved moss to create your own masterpiece.

Moss Wall Room Dividers

Moss wall room dividers work brilliantly for large or open spaces that want to divide their floor space into different zones in style. These dividers consist of preserved moss on both the sides that bring flair and personality to the design scheme and at the same time introduce privacy in the setting. Moss wall room dividers are free-standing, temporary dividing screens that are highly functional and look absolutely exotic.

Moss Wall Islands

Moss wall islands are moss elements that come in different sizes and shapes and can be applied to walls in various clusters. A fun and exciting way to introduce Moss in any design scheme, these islands will fix up the ambiance of any room and are known to bring a fresh, classy vibe to the setting. Moss wall islands are perfectly suited to spaces that are looking for solutions that don’t involve covering entire walls in Moss foliage.

Moss Wall Animals

An adorable and cutesy way to introduce Moss in space is using moss wall animals. Silhouettes of animals made out of moss foliage, these elements ensure you an eye-catching and refreshing display. From elephants to cats, dogs to giraffes, you can create Moss wall animals that will enhance your space instantly and wow your visitors. Moss wall animals truly create a memorable space.

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