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How to Differentiate Your Store’s Décor for Christmas

Christmas is nearing. It is a Merry Christmas atmosphere everywhere. Everything and every place are made to look unique and beautiful. There is going to be a lot of shopping and roaming on the city streets. So, this is the time you need to make your store look different than the previous occasions. Not just that, you need to make it look unique. To make it look unique the décor for the Christmas of the store has to be different from others.

So, here are some ideas on how to differentiate your store’s décor for Christmas:

Unique Welcome Banner

Welcome banners usually are made to welcome the customers. The first thing that customers see is your store’s welcome banner. They create the first impression among your customers. So, make it as attractive as possible.

Add lightings and colors to your welcome banner. The design has to be made unique from your neighbor stores. The lightings are going to highlight the decoration you have done. The design has to be short and warm.

If possible add Christmas wishes to your customers in short in the welcome banner. Highlight them too. This brings confidence and happiness among your customers. Add some glitters if you cannot afford lightings.

Artificial Bonsai Trees

There has to minimum decoration at the foot of the Christmas tree. A collection of small trees will help you make the look unique. Use artificial bonsai trees to fill the floor near the Christmas tree. Artificial bonsai trees are customizable. They can be created as per your requirement. So, you have a few small Christmas trees with the help of the bonsai method.

Fake costumed character

If you have some space outside your store, install a fake costumed character. It is more fun when you can see a character standing and welcoming you. Everybody will surely enjoy it. Visitors will be excited to take pictures with it and will notice your store. Some people among them might visit your store too. So, it will be a great idea to install a fake costumed character.

As it is Christmas time, you can have a Santa Claus for the fake costumed character. You just have to order one and get it installed in an appropriate place outside your store. If you can afford it, you can bring another with a different design or expression inside your store. This will make your visitors visit your store.

Custom artificial trees

Artificial trees are not new to the interior and exterior décor industry. The artificial indoor trees are customized according to the customer’s requirements. So think of ordering a unique Christmas tree for your store. There are chances to customize them. Hence, order a custom artificial tree. For sure, decor companies would have thought about it before us and would have released few designs. So, you can also choose one among them.

Christmas bells

Christmas bells are always used during the Christmas season. They are usually hanged over the Christmas tree. So, to make your unique store try adding Christmas bells in a different style. There are many light balls available in the market. They light up to make the place attractive. Hence, add those light balls along with the jingle bells.

Light always attracts people’s attention, and colorful lights will welcome them warmly. So, add some colors to your light balls with colorful fairy lights. This will make your store look grand and colorful from a far distance too. It will make them excite them and help you to get new visitors. Thus, making it more different from the other stores.

Artificial green wall

There can be many different ways to design the walls of the store. In fact, if your store is facing the street and has a transparent glass wall, then it is more advantageous. Suppose if you don’t have, then you have to make the interior of the wall or the exterior of the wall attractive. Artificial green wall will help you in making the store walls attractive. Green and red are mostly seen colors during Christmas. So, if you create an artificial green wall, then people will definitely notice. It can also work as a welcome board.

Warm lightings

During Christmas celebrations lightings play an important role. The house, stores, and the Christmas trees are all lighted up. Even the streets of the city are lighted to bring the celebration mood. So, there are different lights are used for different purposes. Bring those commercial lightings which will help you decorate your store uniquely.

There are different types of lighting available in different sizes. With the idea of your store size buy the ones which fit your purposes. There are varieties of designs created by designers and blogged. Check them out and design your store by yourself. If you are uncomfortable doing it or can afford to take a designer’s help, then go for it.

Commercial silk tree

For an artificial Christmas tree, you can go for a commercial silk tree. They are made just for commercial purposes so will surely suit your store. They are mostly made of silk material which makes them more special. Commercial Silk Artificial Trees look realistic and are strong.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a must during Christmas. He is a universal symbol of Christmas. So, before any other decors, Santa Claus has to be installed. You get artificial models in the stores for commercial purposes with different expressions.

According to your store purpose bring the Santa Claus model to your store. If it can be customized, then get it customized according to your store requirement. You can even dress up like Santa Claus, but if you do not want to, then it is not a problem. But is important to have at least a Santa Claus model for Christmas.


Above are some simple and unique ideas on how to differentiate your store’s décor for Christmas. They are easy to install or implement. The elements required for any idea are available almost everywhere. So, try them all for this Christmas. They are surely going to work.

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