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Pre-Christmas Decor Ideas for Home

This is the Season. Santa is making arrangements to visit and give out tons of gifts. Okay, so believes all of the children around the world, well almost and so do many adults too. Though Papa Noel is still a few weeks away, getting ready to welcome him and the spirit of Christmas has already begun. If you are in the northern hemisphere, the cold in the air is welcoming, and if you live in the other half, the warm summer air is an indicator of the good times too.

Here, we give you some décor options to get the spirit rolling and enjoy the holidays in a unique and decorative way.

Starting with the outside, we will work in towards the interiors of the house to suggest some ideas that will make you ready for welcoming the celebrations.

The Porch or the Passage

Where: it is usually the small passage or an open area that visitors have to cross before they enter your home.

What: Use natural stuff like snow if you have it where you live, or get some cotton wool or cotton gauze to make it look like a fluffy mound of snow.

How: Line it up on either side of the passage and put up some pine cones or acorns if you can use them to decorate. You can even build a snowman to welcome guests into your home for the Christmas celebrations.

The Living room

Where: Usually in small homes, it is the room that you reach immediately on entering the house.

What: Artificial ferns, artificial grass, lots of hanging show articles, and lights.

How: Artificial or even natural ferns and grass can adorn the diagonally opposite corner of the door. All around these small trees, hang small gift wraps and show articles that are appropriate for your home.

The Bedroom

Where: The room in the house where most of us retire to relax and unwind to de-stress from the day’s hectic activities

What: Christmas themed wallpapers or wall colors, Christmas tree, decorations to hang out on the tree

How: If you are like me and look forward to a décor revamp every season change, then Christmas does arrive early for us. Get those themed wallpapers up, change the color of a wall that is opposite your bed and brings in a lot of glittering decorations all around the room. Stick them up with small tapes that you can easily peel off later. Set up the Christmas Tree where you can see it even when you lie down and deck it up with lights, small gift packs, and the usual Perfetti and go for some artificial snow too. If your room has a hook or a small chandelier at the center of the ceiling, the décor can be made really cool with danglers and loops of decoration strips connected from the hook to the walls to give it a tent-like look.

The fireplace

Where: usually in the living room where the family can gather for the feast and celebrations

What: Mittens, Socks, and Gloves with decorative designs

How: Red and Green are probably Santa’s favorite colors, and so are ours. Get three to four pairs of mittens in these colors and line them up alternatively on the fireplace wall or mantle. These go very well with the rest of the candies and the decorative pieces.

In doorways and internal passages

Where: these are the connecting passages inside the house that we have to cross while going from one room to the other.

What: Wreaths, Mistletoe hangers, small green artificial décor items

How: all over the house, in the doorways and passageways, hang up Christmas wreaths, and mistletoe branches. This look is guaranteed to make your home look as ready for the celebrations as it can be.

The kitchen

Where: Depending on which part of the world you lived in and based on regional factors, the size of the kitchen may vary to a large extent. But it is usually considered one of the most important parts that make a home. This is where the family meal is cooked every day, and as such, the responsibility of the kitchen is to feed the entire house.

What: When the entire house is celebrating, why should this room be left behind? Use anything and everything – lights, bulbs, mini elf figurines, even a small-sized Santa doll

How: Replace the table flowers with a small version of the Christmas tree. Artificial one is best here so that it does not attract any insects. Deck it up with decorative articles like you would do up a regular tree. Place the figurines of the elves near the tree, and they will look too cute when you sit for your mealtimes. You can also prop up that Santa doll on a spare chair and keep it just next to the entrance of your kitchen. Santa clause will greet you with his smile and a pot-bellied ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ every time you enter your kitchen.

Decking up the house with these ideas makes for some cool décor that can give you the pre-Christmas feeling in the run-up to Christmas this year and every year too. A bonus advantage of doing this is it allows you to have some fun time with your kids or your partner. Cleaning up the house also happens.

PS: did you say your house does not have a fireplace? Well, what’s stopping you from making a faux pa fireplace in the bedroom or the living room? Select a wall and use some eco-friendly material like cardboard boxes, wood sheets, planks, or some other material that can turn it into a DIY home décor project. Doesn’t Santa use the fireplace and the chimney to slide down and deliver his gifts? So what if your house does not have one, build it for the show and enjoy your celebrations.

PPS: don’t forget to leave some milk for Santa and some carrots for his reindeer.