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Walls covered with greenery, either in the form of individual planters or foliage mats and panels, are absolute masterpieces. They’re like artwork, making people happier and having an uplifting and calming effect on the overall space. Green walls with artificial foliage are not just attractive and eye-catching but can increase creativity in a workspace. Commercial spaces are increasingly turning to artificial green walls to enhance their space and make a grand statement by creating an appealing and soothing environment. They’re equally impressive in appearance as their real counterpart and require no regular maintenance.

When it comes to commercial projects, artificial hedge walls have emerged as the most popular interior design trend. An easy way to inject the class, elegance, and history of this great design plant in the setting, boxwood green walls are enhancing a building’s visual appeal and increasing creativity in the space. The distinguishing traits of the boxwood make it an excellent choice for green walls. The small, glossy green leaves, the numerous varieties, and the versatility of boxwood offer a visual focal point that is unmatched.

There are so many ways to create an exciting green wall featuring boxwood. From artificial hedge plant walls mats to artificial boxwood panels, faux boxwood tiles to faux boxwood mat rolls, you can easily create lush, pristine walls in no time. A wonderful solution to improve any property or to hide unsightly views or damaged walls, artificial boxwood walls go a long way in infusing dull, barren spaces with vibrancy.

Boxwood has always been the prime candidate to create formal hedges or providing structure to landscape designs. But in the last few years, designers and business owners have put the versatility of this iconic design plant to test by creating special living walls. From providing a sophisticated, striking backdrop to neutral spaces to making a statement, bio green walls are creating mesmerizing indoor environments in commercial settings. The soothing effects, the rich history, and the simple joy that this variety is bringing to design spaces are second-to-none. From hotel lobbies to reception areas, retail spaces to offices, artificial boxwood walls are creating special spaces without any fuss.

An excellent way to add great details, natural color, texture, and year-round appeal to the setting, artificial boxwood walls are creating more invigorating interior spaces leading to better, more productive environments. They work brilliantly for projects that don’t want to spend time or energy pruning and updating their green walls and want a delightfully formal look in their space.