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artificial outdoor bamboo

The sacred Bamboo is a focal plant in Asian traditions, symbolizing friendship, and elicits a cultural and tropical experience. Bamboo is an essential plant for creating landscape themes of many types, not limited to the tropics or Asian culture. However, before buying Bamboo plants, there are many design elements one must consider.

First, ask yourself, why Bamboo? Well, there are many favorable reasons to use such a popular plant. Bamboo trees are unmistakable for their beauty and function. They are used in Chinese medicine for treating infections. It has been estimated that they are used by more than half of the world’s population daily. Bamboo is a very fast-growing tree. They can grow to their full height in a single growing season. If your indoor landscape plan includes routine plant care, then this does not need to concern you. However, many projects have budget restrictions – and if you are set on this variety, consider an outdoor artificial Bamboo, a replica of the living harvested plant. Fake plants eliminate the need for plant care, keeping your budget in check. Replica trees plant easily create a botanical ambiance in your landscape and will continue to appear fresh and alive even when integrated with live plants in your landscape. Most people can’t tell a visual difference.

Secondly, light, air temperature, and accessibility for maintenance must be addressed. These conditions of your corporate atmosphere should be considered when selecting all plants in the landscape. Often, these elements guide property owners and interior designers to consider artificial plants, which can resist fluctuations and poor lighting. In addition, artificial indoor plants such as Bamboo, offer distinctive colors and textures that could not be used if a living plant were to be placed in an unresiding atmosphere.

Another element in your design is functional. What are plants and trees going to do for you? The obvious answer is they will liven up any space by offering beauty and composition. They will welcome your business clients, add décor to space, create an atmosphere. Will they do more? Bamboo trees come in many heights and shapes. A tall vertical Bamboo may be used to direct your eye upward, to feel the grace of an interior with a high ceiling. A grove of Bamboo plants can help direct traffic – office atriums, for example, are often a meeting place for a casual discussion and many people walk this way and that. Possibly, it would be functional to place artificial plants near corridors and elevators – a useful focal in building lobbies. Perhaps an upscale restaurant design wants privacy between dining booths; a light density Bamboo would screen intimate areas nicely.

Artificial tree designers at Commercial Silk have come up with many innovative Bamboo designs. artificial Bamboo trees, groves, plants, and bushes are created with an array of botanical branches and poles. Bamboo palm, reed, and Oriental tree branches are used to manufacture custom artificial trees and groves from 2 feet to 35 feet tall. Bamboo pole collections come in natural colors or stained green and the ever-popular stained black. Foliage screens and Bamboo nets are also made from the authentic replica Bamboo branches and are applied to ceiling and wall treatments in rainforest landscapes, hotel lobbies, water park themes, aquariums, and more. bamboo tree 30 feet

Many other design elements will find their way into and challenge your landscape. Interior spaces can be limitless if the architect or designer maintains an open mind. And let that inspirational spark that began the landscape become the focal of your soon-to-be-completed landscape.