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landscaping problems and solutions

Landscape Design Problems

Let’s face it. Landscaping large commercial projects take a lot of planning, creativity and of course budget. Be it a shopping mall or an office space, the first impression matters. A lot. You can’t leave a corner empty or have a boring entrance. Remember, the saying “first impression is the last impression”? Well, it fits perfectly when it comes to landscaping of large commercial spaces where you have a large number of visitors every day. Adding a few greeneries in your landscape not only makes it look serene but give a feeling of closeness to nature. Adding large artificial trees is the perfect way to deck up your business premises. So, now that you’re convinced and want to add a few pieces of greeneries in your commercial project, the next important question is how to select a premium quality large artificial silk tree.

Things to Look When Buying Large Artificial Silk Trees for Landscaping

Here are things that you should consider while buying the best artificial silk trees for your landscaping projects.

Type of Silk Trees

To begin with, you need to understand the different types of silk trees that are available. For example, from large artificial trees like fig and ficus to bonsai and fruit trees, the choices are endless. However, consider the overall landscaping theme and other associated décor before you narrow down on one.

Elegant Look

While there are plenty of websites and stores offering cheap artificial large trees, you need to ensure you buy the right one that will keep your commercial place look elegant for many years to come. To make your life a bit easier, we have put down some of the features to look for while buying large fake trees.


You may feel overwhelmed by the choices you have. However, don’t neglect to check on the planter! Sounds a bit odd? Not actually. For fake trees to hold in place, planters play a big role. If the planter is not right, the tree may trip and fall. Don’t fall for the small decorative planters. Not only it will look fake, but it may not be able to hold the tree in place. Last but not least, go for a planter that blends well with the overall theme or décor.


Inspect closely the areas where the leaves meet the branches. Downright reject them if they appear to be sloppy. The good and durable ones will be wired and then hand wrapped with matching fabrication or tapes.

Quality of Artificial Silk Trees

Good quality artificial silk trees have real wood trunks and branches. Not only do these look good and realistic but ensure the stability of the tree too. Look for manufacturers who offer real wood silk trees. However, don’t forget to check for flame-retardant certifications.

Popular Large Artificial Trees: The Solution To Your Landscaping Problems

Wondering which fake trees and are trending? Which one to pick from such a plethora of choices available? Here is a list of popular large artificial trees that will certainly add a sense of grandeur when added in your interior landscaping for offices.

  • Mangrove faux large trees
  • Black olive tree
  • Ficus tropical indoor trees
  • Butterfly palm trees
  • Winter birch trees
  • Sequoia tree

A good way to determine how realistic your large artificial trees indoor and outdoor is, read for the information on a nursery website and check for similar features while choosing your long artificial tree.