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Moss Is the Surprising Plant Taking Over Home Decor

Dating back over 400 million years ago, Moss is one of the oldest plants, known to evoke feelings of mystery and reverence in any space. Whether you’re looking to bring some mystery and peace to your design scheme or you need to add beautiful texture, Moss is an ideal ingredient to achieve that. Also known as nature’s carpet, Moss is now featured in interior designs all over the world. And why not? Moss is easy to grow, easy to design into any style and shape, and there’s just so much you can do with it. Below are a few ideas to implement beautiful Moss in your space.

Moss Wall Art

One of the best ways to use Moss in interior designs is by creating Moss wall art. A framed version of Moss can be combined with other greenery such as ferns, flowers, herbs, succulents, and even various Moss varieties to create a spectacular and refreshing art piece. Moss wall art can be in various shapes – rectangular, square, oval, circle, etc., and brings artful freshness to the setting. 

Moss Walls

Moss walls are beautiful and allow you to introduce greenery in any compact space. In addition to a top-tier visual experience, they bring a calming influence in the overall space. Moss walls are highly versatile, and can also be used to conceal unsightly or damaged walls. 

Moss Landscape Terrariums

You might have heard of succulent terrariums, but Moss landscape terrariums are also gaining popularity these days. Combine Moss varieties in the form of Moss balls or spheres, add pebbles and rocks and you will have a striking natural display. 

Moss Vertical Garden

If you have a large, empty wall, then you can opt to create a vertical Moss garden featuring Moss and leafy plants. A great way to add grace and elegance to bare walls, vertical Moss gardens can also feature your favorite plants and flowers for a one-of-a-kind display. 

Moss Wall Panels

Moss wall panels are exactly what you think – simple, standardized wall panels featuring Moss. You can choose to cover your entire wall with these panels or just a few of them for an eye-catching display. Moss wall panels work beautifully in entrance spaces where they make a powerful first impression. 

Moss Wall Room Divider

Looking for a stylish, unique way to divide a large room? Opt for Moss wall room dividers. You can either buy prefabricated room dividers or create your own by covering any simple room divider with Preserved Moss

Moss Wall Signage

Wall signage looks absolutely adorable when covered with moss. From company logos to wayfinding signage, to massive branding walls, you can create gorgeous wall signage using Moss. 

Moss Centerpiece

From Moss in bowls to platters, Moss spheres to other shapes and styles, you can create a Moss centerpiece in any form and shape and display it as a centerpiece. A bold and whimsical option, Moss centerpieces will breathe life and intrigue into the scene.