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Moss Walls Bring The Outside In

There are very few design plants that can match the comforting and calming influence of Moss. One of the oldest design plants around, Moss inspires coolness, tranquility, and plenty of elegance. And this is what makes Moss walls highly prized design assets in any commercial project. Along with introducing a powerful dose of rich and refreshing appeal to the setting, Moss walls bring the outside in and plenty of drama to space. These are striking biophilic design elements that integrate natural materials, colors, and forms into the architecture and offer wellness benefits to everyone using the space. A soothing, natural carpet in the most rejuvenating color, Moss walls just invite everyone to get touched and make the space more satisfying and comforting.

From noise and air pollution reduction to sprucing up dull interiors and making it pleasant, Moss walls can do it all. They connect lifeless buildings with nature and provide a valuable restorative effect which is crucial to stay physically and mentally healthy. Especially in the time of pandemic and the global economic slowdown where the workplaces have become incredibly challenging and stress levels at an all-time high. In such worrying times, Green backdrop wall have been instrumental in creating an environment that is comforting, less stressful, and more enjoyable. And not just environments of offices, but hospitals, restaurants, senior living centers, rehabilitation facilities, retail stores, and more where Moss walls are providing a piece of nature and a sense of well-being and healing powers.

Moss Walls are created using real moss that has been preserved using various processes and does not require soil, water, or misting of any kind. These processes ensure that the moss is dormant and retains its refreshing green hues and soft texture for years with zero maintenance. Moss walls, though created from preserved moss, still offers environmental benefits such as absorbing VOCs and dampening sound in the setting. They have a potent biophilic effect and provide measurable physical and psychological benefits. From reduced stress levels to enhanced creativity, increased productivity to a deeper sense of happiness, you can count on Moss walls to absolutely transform the look and feel of your commercial space.

From logos to walls, frames to signage, moss art to moss shapes, you can create almost anything with them. They will never fail to make a lofty impression. One of the best things about Moss walls is that they do not require any sort of heavy or regular upkeep. Hence, there are no maintenance costs associated with Moss walls. Just a one-time development and installation fee and you’ll have a dramatic, serene environment season after season.

Walk into a commercial setting with Moss walls and you’re bound to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. This ancient, mysterious natural wonder not just brings oodles of class to space, but it breathes life in the setting. Moss walls add a different dimension to any indoor space. They bring the outside in and add unmatched beauty and charm to it. With their incredible visual appeal and numerous health benefits, they’re a no-brainer. Install a Moss wall in your space and watch it make you smile day in and day out.