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Choosing Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Palm trees have to be some of the most beautiful and sculptural elements of the natural world. Whether you want to add a welcoming feel to your landscape design or you want to conjure a sultry vibe in the setting, these are all you need. They are highly elegant, gorgeous trees which will bring a calming influence in the space. And there are so many of them to choose from outdoor artificial coconut palm trees to outdoor silk areca palm trees, outdoor faux Kentia Palm Trees to outdoor fake Fishtail Palm Trees, you have a wide range of palm trees which will bring a tropical vibe to your outdoor landscaping project. And it’s not just about varieties. There are outdoor artificial palm trees with lights, large fake palm trees for outside, or even outdoor artificial palm fronds which are simple yet elegant. Confusing, isn’t it?

So, how do you choose the best artificial palm trees for your project? Well, there are many factors to consider before you zero down on one. We have created this simple buyer’s guide which will help you choose outdoor artificial palm trees which are ideal for your space. 

Things to Consider While Choosing Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

As mentioned before, there are thousands of different palm trees available in various styles, sizes, shapes, varieties etc. So, before grabbing that sweet artificial palm tree on sale deal that will help you create an outdoor space reminiscent of a tropical vacation, you need to consider the following:

Size and Weight

From 2 feet to 25 feet, there are outdoor artificial palm trees which come in a range of sizes. And of course, more the height of the tree, more is its weight. You need to opt for the size which will fit in perfectly in your landscaping project. Here’s a tip which our expert team of landscape designers share with business owners: If your outdoor garden has small plants and grass, then opt for palm trees which will bring some presence and height to the design. Also, if you’re looking to make a statement, then go for a large one. If you want to keep the overall presence of your landscape small, then opt for one accordingly.

Quality of the Product

This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider while determining what artificial palm tree for outdoors to buy. After all, you do not want people to be laughing at the big lump of plastic in the middle of your landscape. Usually, big-name stores don’t have the most realistic trees. Since it is not their core area, they sell ones which look quite fake. You need to go for artificial tree experts which will give you premium artificial palm trees at wholesale price. There are outdoor silk palm trees, preserved palm trees, preserved palm fronds, and more. Go through the product specifications of each one before making a decision.


There are 2,600 species of Palm trees. Now, not all will be available in an artificial form, but still, there are some gorgeous varieties available which will bring relaxation and fantasy to space. From Banana Palm to Date Palm, Bamboo Palm to Cycas Palm, Fan Palm to Phoenix Palm, Rhapis Palm to Sago Palm, Commercial Silk has one of the biggest collections of outdoor artificial palm trees online. Opt for one which looks more eye-catching and perfect for your landscape design.


You may select the best artificial palm tree for your space but it may not fit your budget. Work up the finances, determine how much you’re willing to spend, and narrow your search accordingly. There are palm trees for sale or palm trees in a wholesale rate. So check with the retailer on any offers or bulk pricing before buying.

Pot Included 

In the product description, check if it mentions pot included. Some palm trees come potted whereas some do not include a pot. This is helpful in case you do not want to spend extra on a planter. But, if you want to increase the beauty quotient of your palm tree, then go for a stylish, modern plant container. Remember that the pot only contributes to the aesthetics of the tree. Since these are faux trees and you don’t have to water them, factors such as drainage, material, etc, shouldn’t be a priority.

Trunk Material

Palm Tree Trunks usually come in two types – plastic trunk and wooden trunk. Although the wooden trunk gives the palm tree a more realistic appeal, plastic trunks aren’t too shabby either. The wooden trunks may not hold well in outdoor conditions with rain and snow, so get yourself well-versed on the details. Opt for one which fits your budget and place of display.

Leaf Material

The leaves of artificial Palm Trees are crafted from plastic or silk material. Even then, you will find trees with different qualities and ‘realism’. Also, since you’ll be using these artificial palm trees outside you will want the ones with UV-resistant leaves. These are fade-resistant leaves so you don’t have to worry about color loss from harsh sun, wind, water, or snow.

Setting Up

Since large fake palm trees are all expansive and far from compact elements, you receive them bunched up tightly. You have to arrange the fronds and set up the tree to make it look perfect and realistic. Unbox the palm tree care and adjust the leaves and fronds with utmost care. 

Buy Perfect Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees for Outdoor Decor from Commercial Silk

Now that you know how to pick the perfect faux palm tree for your outdoor décor, have a look at our collection and select one that fits your requirements. We have some of the most lifelike, sculptural outdoor silk palm trees which will help you create a cool, calming landscape design without any fuss. These are premium quality trees which will give you an eye-catching, lively outdoor décor season after season.