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Artificial Boxwood Topiaries

People love to leave their marks on the world. Sculptors shape clay with their hands or chisel away at marble until they’ve carved their own David and then step back to appreciate what they’ve created. Being able to shape the world around you in a way that expresses the world inside yourself is a deeply meaningful exercise – not just to sculptors and creators, but to everyone.

The natural world does a pretty good job of shaping itself, however. Trees can grow naturally in wild and mysterious ways that people often find beautiful, winding around buildings or breaking through solid stone as easily as soft earth. Adding human creativity to this presents an opportunity that blurs the lines between art, nature, and humanity – an opportunity to harmonize with nature and guide its growth. It’s through this often magical practice that we create what we call topiary gardens, that is, collections of plants that have been influenced by human design, a sort of joint effort between nature and people.

Commercial Silk lives in that space between art, nature, and people. We’re able to preserve the experience of natural greenery using artificial foliage in a way that no one else does. We observe nature with adoration and curiosity and channel those observations into replica greenery that captures not only the botanical anatomy of the plant but also the complex artistic impressions that come through first-hand interaction.

Boxwood Topiary Hedges

Some of the first, most practical, and most recognizable topiaries are simple rectangular hedges. You may have seen these featured in a fantastical hedge maze or even as a privacy wall for a luxurious private estate. Historically, Boxwood Hedges have been used as easily manicured, dense, and durable landscaping features that represent wealth, good taste, and an affinity for the natural world. Classically speaking, Boxwood Hedges usually take five or more years to cultivate into a useful privacy partition, during which any number of natural phenomena can interact with the hedges and cause delays in growth, or kill the plant outright.

Classic topiary hedges can last a lifetime, but only if well tended. Nature comes with a demanding list of chores that need to be done in order for good growth to happen, and failing to keep up can cause them to become unruly or wilted. With Commercial Silk’s replica topiary hedges, you can enjoy the status and style of classic artificial boxwood hedges for outdoors without the demanding upkeep.

Abstract Topiaries

If Boxwood Hedges are a little too square for your style, we’ve got something that fits a lot better. Our skilled artists are able to fabricate practically any shape you may want. Classic designs include conical or boxwood spiral topiary trees, hawthorn topiary, or even tall, obelisk-like spires of artificial boxwood foliage. Custom abstract shapes allow for a level of expression that was, until now, never available in the world of topiary shaping. Controlling the fabrication of these products means that we’re able to guide its growth into the exact shape and dimensions that you need, whether you’re furnishing a corporate lobby or adding value to your venue.

In the same way that horticulturists can guide the growth of natural topiaries, we can influence the shape and formation of our artificial boxwood topiary plants according to your plan. Topiaries can be fabricated to represent your brand, serving as a mindful and forward-thinking monument to green initiatives. Alternatively, we can shape and sculpt Boxwood Topiaries to match the aesthetic flow of your existing space – indoors or out – and enhance the visual interest and artistic appeal of your environment. Indoor Boxwood Topiaries open up an opportunity to provide the truly unexpected, a unique splash of green amidst your interior design that communicates respect for nature and a passion for aesthetics.

Themed Topiaries

There are times when the product you need is something that nobody offers despite the odds in today’s commercial world. When this happens, we celebrate. There’s nothing more interesting to us than working on a unique project – the more whimsical and exotic, the better. We love to challenge our ability to design for new environments and solve emerging problems along the way. Unique design-build opportunities in the realm of Themed Boxwood Topiaries always provide us a chance to flex our creative power.

Need a life-size topiary Elephant? How about a full-scale hedge labyrinth? Imagine the presence of a full-scale topiary zoo, with beautifully articulated topiary animal sculptures rising from every pocket of green. Now imagine that landscape staying green, vivid, trimmed, and pristine without ever having to lift a finger.

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