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Find Out How To Double Your Customer Footfall By Changing The Decor Of Your Retail Store

The visual appeal of a store has a lot of influence on how much it is successful commercially. People tend to get attracted by a store on the basis of how it looks and enter only if it grabs their attention. Therefore, it is essential for retail stores to be strategic about how to utilize their space and decorate it in such a way that it allures the customers from the first look. If planned properly, decor can have a massive effect and can even double your customer footfall.

The approach has to be different for all retail stores but here are a few decor ideas that would work no matter what!

Play with the lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in making a room look brighter and attractive. Not only that, customers tend to get attracted to well-lit complexes because it helps them assess the quality and the color of your product. You can replace your already existing lighting with more crisp white-yellow lights as they provide proper illumination.

Layer the lights in the complex. Uplighting, spotlighting, and track lighting can also be used to attract the customer’s attention to new collections or any products or elements you wish to highlight. Accent lights will also add a visual appeal and variety to the room making it look more esthetic.

Bring the greenery in

Bring in plants and flowers to add freshness and vitality to the store. Customers are more likely to feel attracted to the complex if they spot some bright flowers and plants in the establishment. Try to bring in plants that reflect the texture and color pallets of your product. If you are not able to find real plants which suit your establishment, you can also look out for artificial plants with pots.

Some of the best options to consider in this department are various jasmine plant varieties, buddha bamboo palm, white manzanita branches, and small silk flower arrangements. Not only are they visually attractive, but they are also indoor friendly.

Create unique shelving options

How you display your products can influence the way customers perceive them. If the display is attractive and unique, the customer will immediately be attracted to the product as well. Try to get creative with your shelving options. Glass displays are one of the most reliable options, but you can go all out and discover something quirkier.

You can use wood frames as jewelry displays or find an antique item such as scooter or a bicycle to display your products on its handles. You can be as creative as possible and use anything as a shelving option as long as your product complements the aesthetic of the display.

Add seating options

Add stools or chairs to not only bring in practicality in the design detail but also to make the complex more edgy and comfortable. By adding Seating options, you can incorporate a new layer of dimension to the room which can also be used as an accent detail. If you have entirely white painted walls in your store, you can use colored chairs to add a pop to the space. Add comfortable seats to your waiting area; this shows to visitors that you care.

Create a Power wall

Create a power wall in your store to optimize your sales. A high-impact power wall can grab the attention of customers at the first glance and can also help in attracting attention to the products that you want the customers to buy. The first right wall can be your first and best opportunity to draw the customers further into the store.

Make sure the power wall stands out. You can use repetition across the wall to create interest in the minds of customers. Paint the wall behind your display with bright color and organize your product to generate a spectrum.

Add mirrors

Add mirrors to the establishment to make it look more illuminated. You can create a sensory overload in the minds of the customers by placing them in the right spots. You can also use them for aesthetic purposes by framing the mirror by the same color as that of your brand.

Make sure that the mirrors are large enough to reflect whatever it is that you want more of. It might be the power wall or a sale counter; mirrors will help you to glorify anything essential for your sales.

Use the sense of smell and sound

It might sound unusual to add smell and sound to decor details, but it is one of the most intelligent ways to attract customers to particular spots in the complex. Studies have shown that the right amount of sensory stimulation can impact the decision-making process of the customers and heighten your sales.

You can use perfume diffusers at your main selling spots in the store to attract customers to that particular part of the complex. Also, they make sure that the store has an ambient smell in general. Make sure that there is music playing all the time to create a positive atmosphere around the establishment.

Place the display strategically

Place your product display strategically across the store. Make sure you make a clear pathway, by using furniture and racks, for the customer to follow. Most of the retail stores use a circular path which makes the customers walk to the absolute end of the store and return to the starting point.

Flooring also helps in creating pathways. You can also add textures across the path and use generic flooring to make the walk feel like a mental effort.

Parting thoughts

The decor and styling of your retail store should focus on the customer. Make sure you put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand the science of retail design. Don’t forget to observe your customers and notice what they are drawn to and make changes in your decor and structure accordingly.